Friday, February 08, 2008

Blogback Mountain

When I wake up in the morning, my cheek is crusted with drool, I can only open one eye at a time, speak in a jumbled mess of English and high school Spanish, and make multiple threats on my boyfriend's life ("Me want...matar...YOU!"). When Jennine wakes up in the morning, she' this.

My friend Lydia is going to have the most stylish children ever--that adorable cummerbund will be totally worth the daily beatings!

Fashion Grenades is rocking a hipster mullet. (I never thought I'd type a sentence like that...)

Enter A Cup of Jo's romantic photo contest!

I only recently discovered Fashion Toast, but good god this girl is stylish and creative and GORGEOUS! It's now on my daily list of fashion blogs that make me feel a curious mix of boring, bloated, and inspired. (See also: Flying Saucer, Kingdom of Style, and Style Bytes)

Wendy Brandes has a handy template for lazy fashion journalists.

Fashion is Spinach was lucky enough to attend a swanky Gucci party with everyone who's anyone (including Susie "anyone" Bubble!). Read her detailed recap for a rave review of Katie Holmes's hair. (And click here for my rave review of the same.)


bronwyn said...

Fashion Toast is brilliant, and all the blogs you mentioned in that point. Wish I was half as creative, and wish I knew how to go for so long without wearing the same things. That's probably the benefit of being a good remixer, you can wear the same item twice in a row and nobody will even realise:)

some beeeyotch said...

haha! thanks for the shoutout, it makes it worth enduring my mother's subtly disdainful glances whenever i see her.

Joanna Goddard said...

i know, i was SO jealous of that gucci party! my envy came out :)

christine said...

ahh yes, unfortunately I am also guilty of the morning death threats. Even if I ASKED him to wake me up, I still, at that moment, want him to drop dead.

Henna said...

Hey Winona,

I've awarded you a "You Make My Day Award!" I love your blog and have been reading it for a while - keep up the great work! You can read more about the award on my blog, and give the award to bloggers you love.


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