Friday, May 23, 2008

Blogback Mountain

Dlisted has the greatest description of Pete Wentz, ever: "I didn't know Gymboree carried hoodies in size douche."

My answer to A Cup of Jo's query about haircolor: Blondes totally have more fun, except when everyone thinks you're a dumbass.

If you are a teacher who's feeling stifled by a dress code and/or resorted to wearing floor-length linen dresses embroidered with colorful fish, you need to read this post, stat.

Never have I been more proud of my city.

The second coming of J. Sus, as indicated by the crazy antics of J. Crew.

I've been worrying about the disappearance of Style Bytes for awhile now (when I say "worrying" I mean "googling 'WHERE IS AGATHE??' twice a day for a month), but I assumed everyone else knew what was going on and just forgot to tell me. Turns out, a lot of people are worried/curious, from Fashion Hayley to Style Bubble to Jennine from the Coveted, who could easily secure a forensic investigator job if this fashion blogging thing doesn't work out.

Cake in my mouth--good. Cake on my wall--good. And calorie free.

Square Old Soul has a round up of supremely chic white t-shirt and jeans combinations--she also wants you to send in yours!

Just discovered this blog. Love it.

And finally, when a lardy chav buying several sausage rolls declares you an eyesore, that's when you know you've made it. Congrats, Queeny!


WendyB said...

I agree, Jennine definitely has CSI potential.

pretty said...

I was also particularly impressed with the investigation style post by the Coveted.

As an Englishwoman, can I ask exactly what 'douche' and 'stat' mean? I've seen them used enough to times to know that douche is sort of a sleaze and stat is immediately, but I've realised that I don't actually know and I could be completely wrong..

Anonymous said...

lulz, douche is derived from the cleansing product for ladybits. you can add "bag" on the end for further emphasis.
stat is a medical term meaning immediately that has joined the american vernacular due to the overexposure of the population to medical dramas.
so, you're right on both counts.
nona, thanks for the link :) how ridiculous is that? i almost fell of my friggen chair. douches.

Lopi said...

I think everyone is looking for Agathe right now. But thanx for the link to The Coveted. I feel a bit less worried now that I read Jennine's post and I know she probably is ok. And, Winona, you have one of my favorite blogs. I discovered you through Kingdom of Style and I have visited you every day since. The post about being a frog was one of my favorites, even with me being a total hourglass. What a great analysis! Cheers!

la femme said...

Ha! I read that on dlisted today too.

I think Agathe is still in Stockholm.

Pamcasso said...

I can't believe I made Blogback Mountain! Thank you so much!

BTW my word verification this time is flyaaz- just wanted to share how white that makes me feel.

Joanna Goddard said...

haha, yay, blondes! :)

Anonymous said...

And now agathe's blog is gone!!!! aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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