Wednesday, May 28, 2008


An imagined interior monologue, starting with my nose pressed against Georges Seurat's famous oil painting (above) and slowly backing away:

Well, that's dumb. It's just a bunch of dots. What the hell kind of painting is this? Anyone could do this shit! Georges Seurat? More like Georges Overrated. Heh, heh. Good one, Winona. Freakin' dots... Dippin' Dots sound really good, come to think of it. Maybe I'll grab some later. I wish all food came in Dippin' Dots form, like Broccoli Dots, that would be fun. I should call someone about tha--Wait, wait, is that a frolicking dog? Whooooaaa hold on! Grass! Grass! I see grass! A woman! People! It's a Sunday afternoon scene! This is the best painting ever!

A second imagined interior monologue, starting with my nose pressed against Karl Lagerfeld's sequined self-portrait tank top (above), and slowly backing away:

Oooohhh fun! Sequins! Shiny! Weeeeee! Gosh, does it get any better than sequins? And I love the black, white and grey. Tres chic, indeed! I need more sequins in my life, I think. No wonder I've been feeling down. Must increase sequin intake. Umm...are those sequin eyebrows? And sunglasses? What the hell? A nose? KARL LAGERFELD? Stop staring! I'm sorry! Please spare me, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!


Anonymous said...

Oh my god. That tank instills feelings of both "wtf?" and "Chanel sounds yummy right about now!". I can almost feel Karl staring me down until I am a quivering puddle of Chanel-craving mush. Not to be dramatic or anything...

Emma said...

it's Free Dippin' Dots Day pretty soon.
i just thought i'd let you know.
so you can ask them to make you broccoli Dots.
although it might be like when the guy in accepted gets fired for trying to make a shrimp slushee because he's hungry AND thirsty at the same time.
do i really want karl lagerfeld staring menacingly out at the world from my abdominal region? no. it would be like having an overprotective (purple-sunglassed, sequined) father on my stomach. people would be like "who's that frowning dude on your shirt and why does he hate me?" and i'd be like "oh that's just karl. he's hard to win over."

Delaney said...

I never realized that a sequined portrait of Karl Lagerfeld could look so much like....Max Headroom. Anyone? Anyone??


WendyB said...

The Kaiser disapproves of your attitude!

the upper vest side said...

mmmm...broccoli dots.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is one of the only fashion blogs out there that is stylish, funny, and SMART--thank you!

Anonymous said...

oh emm geeeee where is this for sale at? is it five thousand dollars? should I be ashamed I want to trawl ebay for this as long as it takes to get it even if that means waiting until I'm in my sixties to wear it???

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thnaks to Gala Darling I have found your site and I'm pretty much cyber stalking you! I think you're absolutley amazing! You have so much style, wit and brilliance! Keep doing what you're doing because it's making a hell of a lot of people smile!
P.S Brocilli dots? I think you have just found a full proof way to give kids a vitle veggie! :D
This whole post made me laugh so much!
Cuddles and cookies, Vixxie.

Anonymous said...

what a fine example of a lobster pot bustle, eh?

costume history activate!

daddylikeyblog said...

Hahaha the shirt is from, and the price, while bargain basement for Netaporter, is still three digits. If you do buy it, please please please wear it when you're 60 and send me a photo. I'll make sure to keep my email the same.

Awww, I owe Gala a big smooch for sending you my way!

Very impressive! I give you an A+.

Bekah said...

hahahah I have the same types on internal monolouges- the sly little jokes, the thoughts about food.
I'm not sure about that tank top, it's pretty sweet but...karl looks so..young in this little portait. I'd totally wear it if more than one person (my fashion teacher) recognized him...maybe for my city outings haha

Winnie said...

The Seurat is mind boggling, I've seen it upclose and it's fantastic!

queengilda said...

i love karl. anything karl can never be wrong. karl is the almighty.

Anonymous said...

i am ordering one of these, but i will have you know that i am going to spend the summer quoting pretty woman:

yeah. well, I'm old, so go rest up
by monty hall or esther wilson. (williams)
esther williams! where you belong!

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