Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'll Be Back

Posting has been light this week for a couple of reasons:

1. There was an election. Maybe you heard about it? No? Yeah, it wasn't really a big deal.

(Click to enlarge the cutest picture in history)

I spent the evening crying and eating lemon bundt cake. At a little past 11, people were running down the street by my house shooting guns in the air and screaming, "YES WE CAN!" I was like, "I don't think that's what it means."

2. My internship is ending and I'm flying home tomorrow! It's been so much fun and gone by so fast, I can't believe it.

My last week consisted of interviewing Leanne from Project Runway (click here to check it out), researching Pakistani boy bands, posing as a sexy penguin in a photobooth with my friend Catherine, and forcing my amazing coworkers to spend so much time with me that they'll probably rejoice when I leave. ("Is that needy intern girl finally gone?") I'm going to miss them. A lot.

I'll be back in the blogging game on Monday, but in the meantime, feel free to check out the new podcast over at The Sunday Best, featuring moi. Thomas always does a bang-up job, and if you push that play button you'll be treated to juicy secrets like why the hell this blog is called Daddy Likey and how much I would pay for cheese.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, Thom, and I hope you guys enjoy it!


WendyB said...

How can you cry while eating lemon bundt cake? Don't ruin a good cake experience with tears!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you're having to leave your amazing internship & new friends so soon... I know you were really enjoying yourself. BUT, on the other hand... Oregon has missed you & can't wait for you to come home. AND, I totally think we should make plans to hang out sometime after you get back & settled back in.

Dressed and Pressed said...

That is the cutest picture I've seen yet. You've made cry all over again. Thanks for that...

Oh, and whatver that heelairrious thing was, the link's not working and I need the funny.

daddylikeyblog said...

Tears make everything tastier, don't you know?

So nice to know that Oregon has missed me because I've missed it too! And yes, we'll have to do a lunch date sometime!

dressed and pressed--
Isn't it a great picture?? And thanks for the heads up about the link. That site is down right now but I'll put it back up as soon as it's working. The wait will be worth it. Ooooohhh did I hype it enough?

Lisa said...

It sounds like you have your hands full for the next little while. Good luck! Are you going to bring any lemong bundt cake into the office on your last day?

pretty said...

That is definitely the most adorable picture sequence!!!! Did you take it?

Katy said...

That picture is about to make me cry with happiness.

Grace said...

That's funny. I just got to interview Kayne from PR Season 3. He was a blast.

And that pic you posted really is the cutest pic I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Adorable picture. I didn't hear any guns, but my friend had a streaker running down her street when they called it, but she lives in a super-liberal hippie village that straddles dc and maryland, so everything that happens there is always a bit extreme :)

Poochie said...

I love that picture.

Love it.


Anonymous said...

Um yeah we have electoral college votes in DC...3 actually.

Pret a Porter P said...

those kids are adorable!!!!

G. said...

This is completely unrelated, but does it bother you that J. Crew long sleeves are no longer 2 for $35 but 2 for $50? Shoot me now?

Elizabeth said...

It sounds like an action-packed week for you, Winona!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what a lemon bundt cake is but I want some...
Hope Leanne is producing her own line that will be available to us UK peeps...

Rachel said...

Oh, that's so COOL! Not the election, though that is fantastically cool, but getting to interview Leanne, my absolute favey fave whom I have a terrible girl crush on! Way to slide fashion in to the National Geographic blog...very sneaky.

Anonymous said...

You have the cutest voice!

LuKe HaKiM said...

u were tagged!

Anonymous said...

those kids! epic.

Anonymous said...

Any way we can see that sexy penguin photo?

AusAnna said...

great picture. so lucky with your intership we have no opp's like that in aus.
would you care to exchange links my dearx

Robo said...

Aaww what a cute picture! Rainbow Coalition, unite!

Okay so you have to give more info about Pakistani boy bands. I was like "No way, wtf?" They're so much more into the rock sound in Pakistan, but whaddaya know..boy bands! Curious, indeed.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Winona, please come back to us! i'm in Winona Withdrawal (ooh, alliteration!) and i need your particular brand of entertainment.

Catherine said...

My little lightning bolt, I miss you!

I think of you every time I pass by the photobooth. And I wonder, was it Dutch or Deutsch? 'Cause if it was the latter, you got yelled at in German. Still scary!


Wanda said...

OMG that picture is adorable...

Anonymous said...

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