Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, Volume XVI

I'm back, and I come bearing (baring?) chocha!

If you're just joining Daddy Likey, click here for an intro to the phenomenon previously and currently known as Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, and if you're like, "Yeah yeah get on with it" I'll leave you with this illuminating quote, from one of my fabulous, bilingual readers:

In Spanish, "chocar" means "to shock." Not sure about "chochar" though.

And now, time to chochar!

From Gabbi, a submission "featuring a very confused model:"

She says: If I'm going to spend $279 on a complicated grey...thing, I would like to know what I'm buying. While the description says it's a "top," this depressed-looking model with weirdly-twisted legs seems to think it's a dress. Good thing she put that black...thing (Is that a skirt?)...on underneath.

Jo sent me this one:

I just found this shining example on girl's football site, Kickette. It's Claire Merry who is currently attempting to divorce Thierry Henry for £10million. Maybe if she gets it she can buy some leggings or something to make this a whole outfit.

From Poppy:

Showin' your chocha from a brand new angle...

While visiting the American Apparel website (always a risky endeavor), reader Kate came across the next two offenders, and offered up some hilarious commentary:

This lady seems deeply troubled. Like, "Oh, God, I was changing - did you just walk in without knocking? I can't believe you'd do that. Why would you do that?" The thing that gets me most is that it is sheer. Sheer. So if by some miracle it is long enough, you can still catch a glimpse of her lady-area.

And, regarding the appropriately titled "Too-Short Tube Dress:"

They know it's too short. They know. The implications that has for my world view are terrifying.

Tessa found this at Forever 21:

Editor's note: Is that Heidi Montag?

From Sara:

I saw this dress and I felt so violated like I had actually seen this poor model's chocha. I'm not sure who feels worse about this get-up...her or me!

Reader Folu saw this Shopbop promo and determined that their normally half-naked models had staged a chocha-covering coup:

I would agree, but my inbox is still full of Shopbop offenders, including this one, from Emily:

And this, from Madoka:

And these, from Heidi:

But maybe someday the Shopbop coup (and hemlines) will really go down.

And finally, lovely reader Alison submitted this link, which is sort of not safe for work, unless you have the kind of boss who takes kindly to pleas of "But it's a prosthetic wax pudenda!" Well, now you have to click, right?

Remember--next time you're shopping online and find yourself saying "Where are the pants?," do the right thing, send the offender to me:


Anonymous said...

I have that exact Forever 21 top,
but I wear it as a TOP. with jeans. I can't imagine wearing anything that short as a DRESS!

ps another awesome post, btw.

Anonymous said...


Megan said...

Is pudenda really from the Latin word for "shame", b/c if it it, then tsk tsk Margiela!

Megan said...

if it is

TINE said...

Pudenda..haha, that's the nerve that innervates the muscles that help you hold your pee..

I'm a bio geek.

And that wax peepee is just weird.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo, mine got in! :D

But, why a wax vagina, WHY?!

Anonymous said...

oh man - so looked at the link, and I was so depressed.
what the crap is the world coming to? unless I'm mistaken, the old trend for dealing with super short "dresses" was to wear flesh colored leggings or something, but to put "false" parts out on display on purpose? now thats just sick and wrong....

WendyB said...

I'm distracted by the fact that I like the complicated gray top in look #1.

I just got a very long skirt that's the antithesis of a chocha-showing skirt. I may have to send you a photo so you can marvel at it.

Don't denim cutoffs ever qualify for the chocha pix? Because some of them should!

MizzJ said...

Hilarious. I suppose the point is to make you focus on the item at hand, but really it is very distracting!

Lisa said...

Hahaha I love this feature! It's nice to know that, according to Shopbop, my "prudish" knee-length skirts and dresses are in. :)

TheSundayBest said...

Some of those last ones were seeming alright...until the very end. I'm beginning to think these models must have the world's shortest posteriors.

Anonymous said...

I believe that chocha-showing has, at last, reached epidemic proportions. All evidence points to Shopbop for spreading this plague ...

hope505 said...

*haha!* I always love a good installment of DSYC!! Thanks for lightening up my Friday!
* : )

Petersens said...

HAHAHAHAHA. I'm home with a seven month old all day and this just made one of those SO much better. Commentary: great. Photos: great Fact that this even has to be discussed: sad sad sad.
LOVE the site. I'm a silent lurker, rarely commenting but love it all the same.

Anonymous said...

oh i don't know.. i admire the grey "complicated" sweater, and i would feel okay going out in that outfit.. some of the other ones seem okay as well, but it's just so BLAH to wear them by themselves. i see a lot of pretty graphic "don't sho-cha your chochas" on facehunter and lastnightsparty, but the last one is a given.. ugh..

Katy said...

This is hilarious! Do you post photos of Britney Spears?

Jessi said...

Holy cow, that last one just really pushed the envelope, geesh!

Anonymous said...

I want to legally change my name to Wax Wendy.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, those chocha WAGs! Poor Thierry!

Anonymous said...

...Poor Claire Merry; couldn't SOMEONE have told her that she'd tucked her dress into her knickers?!

And when do you think the trend for 'Wax Wendys' will filter down to the high street? ... sadly I can't runt to Margiella

Anonymous said...

Took my ten year old and her friend to see Chris Brown and Rihanna - what was I thinking! Never seen so many girls who forgot their pants!
Skank culture is alive and well here in Oz!

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Anonymous said...

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ninaribena said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ... ooooh, WAXED wendy me thinks! Trust the Aussie girl to make an announcement like that, and in Paris, we really shouldn't be let out!

Anonymous said...

Whoever designed that last one has been watching too many old Doctor Who reruns. Leela was my favorite companion, too, but that doesn't mean I want to dress like her.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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