Monday, August 27, 2007

Five Men's Fashion First Impressions: Adorable Profanity-Laden Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the $358 Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse shoes:

My mom and I were cooing over a picture of these (c'mon, how could you not love those little ears??) when we turned to each other and said, in unison, "I wonder what a guy would think of these." Lucky for us (and you), we didn't ask a guy, we asked five:

Brother, Age 11: Ratlike. Whiskers are kind of cute. I've never seen whiskers on shoes. Looks like a cat toy.

Brother, Age 17: I'm missing Bourne Supremacy right now. They're fucking mice. Why do I even care?
Editor's note: Jesus, what crawled up his ass?

Brother, Age 20: I actually really like them. They're great. I would wear them.

Father: (Sighs) I knew it had to happen sooner or later.

Boyfriend: Looks like what a third grader would do to her mom's nice new shoes. I mean, they would be nice without the mouse parts. (Tries to conceal a grin)

Me: I'm calling you out. I think you think they're adorable!
Boyfriend: No, no I don't!
Me: Yes you do.
Boyfriend: (Pause and more grinning) So they're kind of adorable...OK, they're pretty fuckin' cute.

So, which profanity-anchored sentiment do you believe best describes these babies--"Pretty fuckin' cute" or "They're fucking mice."? I'm fuckin' excited to hear what you think!

p.s. Sorry if this was the day that you were like, "Grandma, come sit by me and we'll read this wholesome lil' website together!"


Queen Michelle said...

Whilst I actually dislike ballet style pumps (I KNOW - I'm like the only person EVER!), these are sort of cute but also sickly sweet.

Maddy said...

I saw those at a store on sale for $130. I'm really sad I missed my chance to buy them. Thanks for reminding me how much I love them and ruining my day, Winona.

Me said...

i am definitly going with "They're fucking mice?"

Anonymous said...

I want to wear mice to work, where I work with mice!

mice mice mice mice mice

Peajai said...

Cute... but only appropriate if you teach kindergarten.

Poochie said...

I heart them! For $130 I'd get them. For over $300, I must decline.

But I still think they are adorable too.


Poochie said...

P.S. I love FMFFI!


Anonymous said...

F'N hillarious - they are cute and all BUT, only appropriate for a preschool teacher's aid or clubbers. Who could really wear them with a straight face, to like, work. "Yes, take me seriously even though there are Frickin' mice on my feet."

Ellie Lee said...

they are so so cute!!!!!!haha
i love yr 17 yr old brother's comment!!
haha. this post really made me laugh out loud!!

Rachel said...

oh my god, i really want those. I think mouse feet would cure all my woes.

Anonymous said...

They're a little cheesy.

Jamie said...

These posts never fail to crack me up Winona! You have to do them more often! As for what I think of the shoes...sorry, Marc, I love you, but they're fucking mice.

daisybabie said...

Today is definitely an F-bomb kinda day, which makes this post ideally ideal.
And now about the fucking mice....fucking mice? Now MJ might just be onto something....
Personally, I'm not a mice-y type of gal, but mebbe a skunk or a raccoon!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

P.S. But I would not pay more than 25 dollars for them.

Henna said...

I agree with your 17 year old bro and all the people who said that they are for kindergarden teachers. Jeez... MJ, what will he think of next?

Anonymous said...

They're fucking mice...and therefore, they're pretty fuckin' cute.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I taught kindergarten, and these, while completely adorable, are: a)too much of a distraction (imagine the kids having screaming, fawning fits from the cuteness); and b) not open-toed. Five-year-olds have an insatiable need to touch adult toes during circle/story time, while they sit criss-cross on thew carpet at your feet. It's strange, and somewhat endearing. Until they start picking off your pedicure.

Anonymous said...


AAA said...

Pretty fuckin' cute, Nick.

Although, you could just get a pair of Naturalizers, glue some felt and googley eyes on them and save money.

Anonymous said...

Um... I am gonna have to say that I want them so much that I think it actually kinda hurts. But not 300 dollar much. I loathe spending that much money, on anything clothing or shoe. I could pay bills with that, or buy 15 things instead of one. (Dammit my sensibility) Because if those babies where in the under 60 dollars. I would buy them and wear them everywhere. Work and all, and someone would see them and I would nod my head to them and say.. "Yes they are mice and they are wonderful.. don't judge me."

Pret a Porter P said...

I always love the opinions!

WendyB said...

Pretty fuckin' cute! But not as delightful as the fish shoes I'm obsessed with ;-)

shallomj said...

My preschool dance students would love them. To the point where they would be so distracted by the mouse shoes that we wouldn't actually get any dancing done.

That said, I'd take the risk and wear them anyways. I love them to bits and pieces - but wouldn't pay that much for them.

Isabel said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, those are going to become my shoes within a couple of days...I've already found a few eBay auctions that I'm checking out...I want them so badly it really kind of hurts. xD


Unknown said...



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