Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...a podcast!

Do you yearn to look great on a college student's budget? Do you sit at home wondering what my voice sounds like? Do you think Safety Dance is the single greatest song ever recorded?

Then you definitely need to check out Daddy Likey's first podcast! Click on the link below to listen. I put some work into this, and while I can't guarantee it will change your life (although it likely will), I can guarantee you will be entertained.

Hope you enjoy!

How to Look Good in College Without Draining Your Entire Financial Aid Account and Ruining Your Future

Here are links to the sites I mention in the podcast:

We Love Colors
Sock Dreams
LuLu's Fashion Lounge
J. Crew

And Ira Glass, every time the phone rings, I'll be hoping it's you.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! You should get on iTunes so that I can listen to you while I'm on my killer commute.

Anonymous said...

That was great! I especially enjoyed it as a broke student. And I love the soundtrack.

Anonymous said...


Love the podcast. You have a great voice. I think Terry Gross should be shaking in her boots. (You know the boots aren't even fashionable.)

Anonymous said...

I'm so listening to this when I get home. If only because 'Safety Dance' *is* the best song ever.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you're fabulously funny. I'm impressed. You make fashion so exciting.

Mindy said...

Very well done. I hope you will do more of these.

Anonymous said...

I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Your podcast completely brightened my day. I loved every element of it, from the killer soundtrack to your always wonderful shopping tips. Well done, Winona. I hope to hear more of these in the future!


Anonymous said...

This was such a great podcast. You sounded so professional. Did you get it to sound like this on your first try? Thanks for the tips; I get to be a broke college student Sept 27.

anne said...


Jessica McWilliams said...

Haha, wonderful podcast.

Chelsea said...

keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

That was an amazing podcast! Even though I'm not in college, I loved it. You should definitely keep making them, but not always geared toward people in college, please! And have you considered putting your podcast(s) on iTunes? that would be soo awesome! Great job, Winona!

Emma said...

1derful podcast. I am not in college, but I found it incredibly useful as a) I'm dirt poor right now and b)I need to go shopping.

christine said...

love it! you have a great radio voice. and since i pretty much wretch at the thought of spending over $100 on anything, this is great.

AMS said...

woohoo deadly! Wish I lived in the states so I could indulge in some thrifty goodness

Crafty Lulu said...

omg, this was an absolutely fantastic first podcast! thank you thank you thank you.
I really love reading your blog. it's become one of my favorites

Queen Michelle said...

Oh sexy voice!!! Wow that was very cool. Unfortunately I remember Safety Dance FIRST time around...and yes I thought it WAS the coolest song ever!

Anonymous said...

it wouldn't work on my computer :(

Anonymous said...

Dear Winona
That was awesome.
love, millie

Pret a Porter P said...

cool podcast. hm...i've been hearing/reading a lot of good things about this nordstrom rack

Life's a Wardrobe said...

Wow! Loved the podcast. Thanks for linking me!

Anonymous said...

Nona you're just amazing. Lose my brother and run away with me.

Anonymous said...

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