Monday, August 20, 2007

"I love gooooollllllddd!"*

A short while ago, when I posted pictures of my therapeutic new dress (along with purple tights and gold high heels), the lovely Tiff posed a couple questions:

Why are you in the forest??
Also? I need gold shoes! Can you just post those??

Well, I pretty much bought the dress just to wear in the forest.

Now, let's get to the shoes.

I'm glad you've come to realize you need gold shoes, Tiff, because everyone needs gold shoes. I have a few different pairs that I wear the hell out of. They're versatile and flattering and add a little pizazz to even the most basic outfits.

The pair I was wearing in my somewhat baffling forest photo shoot were these Seychelles heels, which I stare at more than I actually wear, but I feel they qualify as art so it's OK:

I originally took a picture of my feet in the shoes, but the wall behind me was really dirty and my feet were all scarred up from a recent hiking trip and when I loaded the pictures onto my computer my boyfriend said they looked like they were taken in a crack den. So I decided against that.

Anyway, here are some options for anyone who has yet to make the life-changing leap into the realm of gold footwear:

So. damn. cute.
MIA "Venice," $75,

These look like they would be about as comfortable as a medieval torture device, right?

Wrong! I actually have this exact pair, and they are some of the comfiest shoes I own. Give 'em a couple wearings to stretch out and you can do some substantial walking in these babies. One of my favorite outfits is these, teal tights, a denim mini-skirt, and a baggy black V-neck men's t-shirt.
MIA "Drew," $64,

These would look equally good with jeans, a dress, skirt, potato sack, etc:

Nine West "Gaffer" Metallic Pump, $79,

I've been looking for a pair of gold ballet flats (at the risk of sounding like a spoiled shoe hoarder, I have red, pink, and black patent leather so far and I wear them to death). This type with the flexible back are super-comfy:

"Fairytales are True" Ballerina, $38,

When I first saw these shoes, I thought they were kinda dorky:

But then I stared at them for like twenty minutes (I toootttaaallllyyy had better things to do, I just chose not to), and now I think they're adorable. And if that's not a half-assed endorsement, I don't know what is. Sorry Calvin.
Calvin Klein "Cece" Flat, $70,

To be as eloquent as possible here: Mmmmmm....

I'd wear these with a flouncy purple dress and black tights and oh my god how cute would that be?
Tribeca "Grand Central" Sandal, $55,

*LOL! Will Goldmember jokes ever get old?? What's that? They were already old like five years ago? Oh. Damn.


Anonymous said...

Pretty shoes!
Winona, do you find that you have to "break in" the ballet flats with the flexible backs? Do they hurt for the first few days of wearing? Because I really want to buy the ones you showed. :O)

Anonymous said...


I am quite disturbed that Mr. Daddy Likey knows what a crack den looks like. LOL!!!

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure these last ones are stripper shoes. I mean, not literally unless Nordstrom's purchasing department has some 'splainin' to do, but they'll look like tacky stripper shoes. I fear for your sartorical choices.

I have some strappy dr. scholl's gold wedge sandals. They're fantastic.

tiff said...

oooh...thank you!

I have those Seychelles in bronze, but they are wedges. That stacked heel is much much better. Must acquire!

Anonymous said...

I want the shoes with the bows more than anything I've ever wanted in my entire life.

christine said...

no! I'm Dutch! Isn't that VEEERD!?

daddylikeyblog said...

Christine (#1)--
The ones I bought did need to be broken in a bit, but they were much less flexible than these ones look. Obviously I don't know for sure because I don't own these ones, but the back looks much more forgiving than the ones I have, and I would guess they would break in quite quickly. Good luck if you do decide to purchase, and I'd love an email to hear how they turned out!

Applediva--Hahahh I didn't think of it that way. I should keep you on staff just for the way your mind works--your comments are always hilarious!

Teek--Perhaps I am harboring secret stripping urges, but I still adore those heels!

You're very welcome. Oooh you have the Seychelles wedges?? Move to Oregon and we'll be like sisters and trade shoes all the time!

I have to agree with you there. Aren't they fantastic? I hope your shoe dreams come true!

Christine (#2)--
That is so VEEERD! :)

Unknown said...

I mean, I've got some red patent strippery heels in the closet too, so, I am not judging!

And those MIA pumps come in so many colors. I've been craving the delightfully preppy nautical ones with the red bow for like, two months. They are so impractical but I adore them.

Meg said...

I had an emotional reaction to the shoes with the ribbon laced through them.

Cate said...

oh my holy jesus god, meg, i did too. im still staring at them. like, right this second, i have them up on another window while i type this comment, and i have moved the window so i can actually look at them as i write this. they are delicious.

Anonymous said...

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Katherine said...

can you wear opaque tights with open toed gold shoes??

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