Friday, August 31, 2007

Nifty Thrifty

Well, I didn't find any $5 DVF dresses like I was hoping (stupid optimism always leaving me with failure and sadness!), but I would call the trip a solid success.

I'm trying out a new life motto called, "Don't buy shit you won't wear," so my haul is about half the size of the truckloads I used to direct out of the thrift store and into my closet (where they remain). But here it is:

--Ann Taylor Loft denim skirt
--Stretch black mini from The Limited
--Two vintage scarves
--Bronze heels by Michael Kors

My grand total? About $20. Didn't I tell you that thrift stores are worth the work and questionable smells?

The shoes, which I had been eyeing for many moons at their real life price of $120, were brand new with tags and only $4.50! I'm stoked to wear them now with layered slips and later with tights and sweater dresses and dramatic coats. Perhaps another forest photoshoot is in order?


Robin said...

Okay, so you know everyone is going to be irrationally angry that you were able to find those shoes, right? I'm really jealous. (And, why must I have such big feet?)

Unknown said...

better pictures! BETTER PICTURES! we needs them!

tiff said...

Okay, now you must share the secrets of your thrift shopping, because our stores here are obviously lacking! And the good stuff is still $20!

Kori said...

Those shoes were such a great find! Jealous!

Anonymous said...

WOW hot shoes! You lucked out big time.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOOOOOODDDDD!!! Cannot believe u got those fab shoes for under $5!!! Life is so not fair...
I can never find anything decent here in Boston for less than $30, and that's on a lucky day.

shallomj said...

Wow, I am soooooooo jealous about the shoes! Damn, why can't I ever find $5 gold shoes of awesomeness! *pouts*

Anonymous said...

I don't think anything is priced at 4.50 in Seattle thrift stores. Gah, jealous.

daddylikeyblog said...

Hahaha I was too caught up in my boasting that I didn't even think of the jealous ire my find might cause. The next time you find a great deal, please send me an email rubbing it in my face, and then we'll call it even.

I'll try to get some better ones up this afternoon!

Excellent idea. I'll try to do a thrift store strategies post soon!

Kori, Teresa, and Stylefinder--
Thank you! I'm sure the cheap shoe gods shall bless you soon, too.

Just come to Oregon, stay with me, and we'll thrift shop to our heart's content!

The thrift stores have raised their prices hugely here too, and usually in a Goodwill those shoes would have been about $20, which is annoying as hell because, you know, IT'S GOODWILL. My good thrifting fortune is due to the fact that my mom and I made a trek to this consignment store an hour and a half outside of Portland. When we got there I was extremely depressed to see pricetags of $30-$40, but hallelujah praise the lord many items were on sale for half price, and my shoes (and skirts) were also part of a summer sale that took another 50% off.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally jealous of your finds! Although I'm an excellent sale shopper, and it seems like the shopping gods are usually on my side, when it comes to thrift stores, my luck is usually not so great. There are the regular old thrift stores where i'd be lucky to find something from the gap, let along Michael Kors, then there are the "designer" thrift stores, where recognizable labels can be found but are usually waaayy overprices.

Congrats. I love the scarves and the shoes. Very yummy!

Pauline Joy said...

what is this:

oh, my!

LallaLydia said...

Winona, way to go! Great deals! What thrift store did you go to? Do you ever try the goodwill across from the downtown library? I once found $20 cole haan shoes brand new there. and a new shirt by elie tahari, still with tags. Girl, you gotta go there if you aren't already. All you other ladies, come shop at Portland thrift stores! Winona, you are a fashion finding diva.

Anonymous said...

Oohh I am insanely jealous of your shoe score! A friend of mine went on a trip to Ontario a couple weeks ago and scored $1 shoes in a store as part of their "buy 1 pair, get the next pair for $1" promotion; her mom paid the normal price for the other pair. It's funny that both serendipitous shoe happened so close together.

I love your blog btw! I read it everyday.

P.S. I'd love it if you ever wanted to read mine! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oops I meant "serendipitous shoe encounters."

Anonymous said...

hiii ! awesome findings !!! =) ey.. about the sweater dress & tights look you mentioned.. what type of tights ? i know there are a lot of different fabrics ? =X

Pret a Porter P said...

Nice heels & pretty scarves

Emma said...

Sweet God Almighty and a tricycle, those shoes are...flaaaaaaaaargh*
*=Really, really, really hot. Me=jealous. Contemplating grand shoe theft auto.

Mummerina said...

The MK shoes look like they are in great condition! Good find!

Kristen said...

Love the scarves! Congratulations!

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