Saturday, August 25, 2007

On the Fringe

Sorry if I've been a sub-par blogger lately. I've been distracted by social engagements, another writing project, and these:

Yep, I went a little crazy on Wednesday and got bangs (or "fringe," as I believe you adorable Brits call it), and I've been staring at the mirror for approximately 23 hours a day ever since, trying to get used to the new look and/or resorting to drastic measures to make them stay the hell down.

Because you see, as cute as they may look in the above picture (not to brag), that was the professional version, with lots of drying and straightening and spraying and gelling. I was so happy with that version, I nearly cried. But then I returned to the real world, went to sleep, and woke up to find that my hair naturally falls more like this:

No Ben Stiller bodily fluids necessary. And now I'm nearly crying for a different reason.

But anyway, I'm working to make peace with my hair and planning to get back in the blogging groove and churn out some of the Greatest Posts Ever Written (way to set yourself up for failure, Winona). I've also been getting the Five Men revved up (they're divas and need some prep time), so look for a new FMFFI soon, and email me if you found something you'd like them to review!

Right now, I'm off to buy rubber cement (I lied about the whole "making peace with my hair" thing--I'm just stepping up the artillery).


Stereoette said...

yay irrational haircuts!

here's hoping yours works out as well as mine has (you'll master those bangs!)

oh, btw - tag, you're it ;o)
hit up my blog to see why.

AAA said...

nice bangs

Apocalypstick said...

a straightening iron will whip those bangs into submission. be sure your hair is perectly dry, and use a drop of silicone heat-protectant goo first. seriously, it's the only way. blow-dryer-straightened bangs will boing up in no time. you have to bring out the big guns.

la petite fashionista said...

the bangs look lovely on you, for real!


Anonymous said...

I have very irritable bangs - here's my solution:
1. wash them every day (even if I don't wash my hair every day), use some silicone drops (neutrogena triple moisture is my holy grail) let dry (I air dry).
2. straighten with a thin straightening iron
3. follow up with some jonathan silky dirt (great stuff for bangs - get a sample and try it)
4. when the weather is at all damp, I wear a silk scarf as a headband to hold down bangs.
5. a slight mist of john frieda's moisture barrier hair spray helps too.


Gloria said...

so cute! I wish I could have "a little fringe". My hair is too thick for that though.

Emma said...

I feel you, G (yes, G. I'm bringing it back for nerdy white girls. Because we need SOMETHING.)
I let my friend cut my kicky little side-bangs over the summer and I loved it for about an hour. Consequently, I spent the next 93824983 hours glaring at The Demon Bangs, screaming "Go! Move! BE OVER HERE NOW! BE ON THIS SIDE OF MY HEAD NOW! STAY!"
It finally looks semi-normal, but that was a rough time. Your hair is rockin', though, lady. I am jealous.

Queen Michelle said...

LOVING them!
As an advocate of the bang (mmm, that means a whole other thing over make that fringe), fringe, I think these suit you to a T. They draw attention to your gorgeous eyes perfectly. I assure you they will calm down after a few washes.

Anonymous said...

oh bangs, you do what you want. good luck with the taming!

Cate said...

first, i gotta say, you have possibly the most gorgeous head of hair i've ever laid eyes on. i don't mean that in a stalkery way. it's just true. although if i lived anywhere near you i might have to stalk you. just a little...and i just realized how quickly "complimentary" can shoot straight past flattering and run dead into "creepy." moving on...go back to the salon and ask your stylist to show you how to do them again. pay attention to the products, and you should be golden.

Kasmira said...

When I first cut mine (after 15 years of sweeping those very same hairs up and over to the right), they DID not lay flat. But that's just because the hair has been pushed up and over for so long that it comes out of the follicle like that or something. They'll settle down soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Everyone had a lot of good suggestions but I have one of a totally different sort. I think I read it in Lucky, I tried it once and it's all I've ever needed to do since for bangs.

Just use a round brush backwards while blow-drying. Meaning--you start at the base (where the INSANE cow-lick causes my hair to either stand straight up or create the most bitchin' 80's wave) and roll it, in place, away from you.

Practice a little, but honestly, no products, threats or behavior modification has ever worked besides that.

Products made it stiff and all I got was a bump. When I used a flat iron I got a bump and very straight bangs--resulting in a really weird shape--a rollercoaster maybe?


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