Thursday, August 16, 2007

When Beavers Blog

Woodrow here. Remember me?

I thought you might enjoy a list of my top shoe picks. I've found a whole bunch of different styles to suit any taste. My favorite taste is wood. I've also included my expert commentary for all you fashion novices out there:

These look really good.

Very filling.

The leather is kind of ruining these for me.



All shoes from From top: Bottega Veneta, Kors by Michael Kors, Derek Lam, Kors by Michael Kors

p.s. If you're, say, an editor at the New York Times, and you've decided to stop by the site on today of all days, and you're totally judging me right now, I implore you to read a couple more posts before you exit in a huff, declaring, "This is preposterous! Beavers don't read Vogue!"

p.p.s.s. I just realized the next post down has the word "Chocha" in the title. So nevermind. I'm doomed.


Anonymous said...

I love the bottega veneta wedges.a

Anonymous said...

Lordy, I am so glad that not the 'other beaver' (aka the chocha one) writes down their fav shoes...

daddylikeyblog said...

I know! Aren't they gorgeous? They definitely have cross-species appeal.

hahaha you know, when I was about to post this, I thought, "It's probably a bad idea to put a beaver post right above a chocha post," but then I was like, "It's two in the morning. whatever."
Although a shoe post from the "other beaver" would be..ummm...interesting...

Emma said...

You and your beavers and chochas (chochae?), Winona. What will we do with you?

Anonymous said...

I loveeeee to read your blogs ! It's one of my must-reads when i sign online =) School is starting soon. Wondering if you knew any sites or have any suggestions of your own on hairstyles ? By the way, I have long, straight, layered (no bangs) hair. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

The beaver would love my Chloe Silverado's huh? I would totally lend him them if he promised not to use them for dam building.

Anonymous said...

haha 'my favourite taste is wood.' the first pair look particularly tasty. only i dont eat wood so i wouldn'nt know. WOODN'T know! ha ha ha. geddit? wood. ha...ahem...sorry.

LittleDoodles said...

Hey have good taste :)

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