Thursday, April 19, 2007

Martin on Marni; Woodrow on Wood

The top half of these shoes is just perfect:

That is some A-1 shine right there. I can see my face in those suckers! (Note to self: wash face more often than...never, especially when sardines in tomato sauce are involved.)

But the bottom half? Not so much.
Personally, I find them as bland as that damn deer I told you about awhile ago. But I'm not here to judge (well, I am, but, nevermind), so I thought I'd call in some bestial blogger back-up.

Meet Woodrow, the most stylish beaver I've ever met:

This guy is a bona fide expert on fashion. Seriously, he's incredible. Take it away, Woodster!

Those heels look delicious.


Marni Wooden Block Pumps, $591,

p.s. As usual, if you're a confused new reader, click on the Martin label below to read the rich history of our resident raccoon fashion blogger.


Anonymous said...

Kasmira said...

Huh. I thought YOU were Anonymous. Guess Anon has been visiting both our blogs.

By the way, I really like Daddy Likey!

Christine said...

So I am reading your blog at my desk here and it almost caused me to answer the phone "Daddy Likey, this is Christine.." but I just stuttered "Daaaa---um, uh, *normal greeting*" I have that problem where I say out loud whatever I'm reading! LOVE your site (but those shoes, well, the wood is just a little excessive)!

TINE said...

You are the funniest person I have ever met. Let's be friends.

Queen Michelle said...

I'm with Woodrow on this - wood is good!

i likey daddy likey said...

woodrow! he is ADORABLE! i want to tuck him under my arm on the couch with a stack of jennifer lopez movies, a bag of popcorn for me and some toothpicks for him.

Candid Cool said...

...loving it

Bizzle said...

Dahlink, you are the first person on the Internet that I have ever wanted to sit down and have decadent brunch with in some posh shop downtown. I eagerly await reading this blog for years to come.

Also, those shoes need to come in a yellow shine. Nnngh. That'dbesohot.

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