Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's a Microsoft Christmas!

Internet Explorer users have a special Saturday morning treat--my archives! my blogroll! the link to my RSS feed!

Yes, that's right, thanks to my brother's genius at unscrewing up Blogger's code, all you cute lil' IE users (as opposed to IV users, who probably don't spend much time reading fashion blogs) can finally see my sidebar in all its glory. So get a cup of coffee, read some old posts, click on a few Daddy Likey approved links, and have a lovely day. Gasp! And I almost forgot: it's International Dress Up Day, so do all of the aforementioned things wearing a tiara. Or else.



p.s. If you're a Firefox user and are feeling left out and confused right now, all the hoopla is because there'd been some kind of coding error that made the Daddy Likey sidebar malfunction in IE. You luckies have always been able to see it. The magic was within you the whole time! I'm so sorry for that line. I'm gonna go write a TV movie now.


Meg said...

I just tried opening your site in Firefox and there's some issue where it's impossible to scroll down the site (there's some weirdo thing above the header too). Just wanted to let you know.

Meg said...

ok nevermind, it's working for me now. sorry bout that :).

Stefanie from Girl Power :) said...

I need to start reading your blog earlier. If I had known it was International Dress-Up Day, I would have worn my prom dress haha. It's Saturday, after all. I only left the house to get coffee and if anyone had stared at me like I was a freak, I could have explained "it's International Dress-Up Day. And Daddy likey."

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