Tuesday, April 03, 2007

High Fashion Haiku

I have a boyfriend.
If I saw a guy in these,
then I might have two.

Tom Ford, $360, eluxury.com


eurobrat said...

lol, indeed :)

ricanprincess said...

these are so HOT! if my boyfriend ever gets me those $400.00 shoes i want, i might just consider getting these for him.
or i can just pull a winona & get a boyfriend who already owns these intead...lol!

Candid Cool said...


Fargo447 said...

Awesome glasses, i am offering a link exchange please comment on the blog The One Called Fargo [www.theonecalledfargo.com] to insure that my blog is on your link list. then i will put up your link if it is not already there.

Catie said...

Those glasses are yummeh. I'd rock those by myself. PS, Tom Ford is yummeh too.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Sans the original boyfriend, however.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit. I dig these old school glasses by Tom Ford nothing like a vintage cutie!

Anonymous said...

sorry here is the link to the Tom Ford glasses

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