Monday, April 16, 2007

Sarcasm-o-Meter Check: Next Six Sentences

Have you ever seen anything so cute in your whole life?

CROCS Islander Sandal, $49.95,

Really not diggin' this:

Anthropologie, $98

These jeans would flatter EVERY body! Seriously, doesn't the model look comfortable?

Brown Label, $105,

Looking for a modest dress to wear to church? Look no further, my friend:


God, I wish Vera Wang would design something nice once in a while...

Vera Wang, $620,

This clutch costs exactly twice as much as my boyfriend's car. Yeah, that makes sense.

Bottega Veneta, $2400,


the lipstick lady said...

crocs? cute? I know some of these are ironic but it still hasn't been made clear to me if the crocs one is.
sorry, I'm a little slow...

ambika said...

Love the dresses, even if the first one is so not perfect for church.

Lace-up Crocs. Christ, that's just what the world needed.

papagena said...

My god, I'm gonna go out and buy the crocs right now!! Debt be damned, they are just fabulous!

mary said...

ok listen winona, i have to share this with someone. &the people i told were not appropriately horrified, so im hoping YOU will be:
i was in claires (dont ask, it wasnt voluntary) and i saw a pair of orange crocs with glitter splashed all over them being sold, and also a pair of orange croc FLATS with little rhinestones. !!
am i the only one who considers this to be a travesty of the highest order?

applediva said...


You are lucky you don't know me, but in the 90s, I use to wear some short skirts to church. I have great legs, and I had to show them off for Jesus.

daddylikeyblog said...

Lipstick Lady--
Don't worry, no need to have a coronary--they're all sarcastic/ironic! (Especially that crocs comment)

If you had told me this story in person, I would have grabbed you by the shoulders and shouted, "Shut up! Seriously??" and then when you said, "Yeah, seriously," I would have gasped and asked you to describe them over and over and then dramatically gagged each time and then I would have demanded that we go to Baskin Robbins to drown our fashion sorrows in sweet, sweet saturated fat and while we were sitting there eating pralines-n-cream I would have deemed these glittery orange crocs a travesty of the highest order (that phrase exactly, actually, cuz I say that all the time).
p.s. I would totally ditch all the people you told who weren't appropriately horrified. That was a good friend test, and they failed.

That is probably the coolest thing I've ever heard in my whole life. I love you.

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