Monday, April 30, 2007

My New Coat. By Mr. Daddy Likey

Hello beloved readers of Daddy Likey. I am the boyfriend of Ms. Daddy Likey, Mr. Daddy Likey if you will. Winona is sick right now and has a ton of papers to grade, so I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my new coat. I know that summer is coming up and 150 degree weather is just around the corner (damn you global warming!), but I have a really good reason as to why I bought this so close to summer.

Nona and I were in J. Crew the other day, looking at clothes we couldn't afford when a sales clerk walked up to us.

"Did everyone hear about the 50% off sale we're having?!" (Ears perk. Interest piqued).

"50% off? Tell me more sir!"
"All sale items are half off!"

He wasn't really that excited to tell us that everything already on sale was an extra 50% off, but I was so excited to hear this that everything he was telling us, in my mind, was really enthusiastic.

We were exhilarated and slightly panicked. Every minute that passed was a minute closer to the herds of people that were bound to come stampeding through the doorway in search of the 50% off sale at J. Crew. Luckily the crowd never came, and we were able to meticulously search through the sale items. And there, my friends, is where I came upon this gem:

The Robert Downey Jr. jacket from "Zodiac" (or something like it, and yes I have the same crush on Robert Downey Jr. that Nona does, we have an agreement) that I've been searching for. This actually isn't the jacket that I have, but it's close. Mine's a dark khaki with no zipper, just buttons. It kind of channels Neil Young on his most recent tour with CSNY (even though for some reason he always looks like he hasn't showered in 10 days).

So, long story short (or not so much), I ended up getting $300 worth of clothes for $75. Pretty good day if you ask me.

Ripstop Workwear Jacket, $79.99 on sale,

P.S Neil, if you're reading this, I'm really sorry. You're one of my favorite people, you just look a little... beat.


dusk&summer said...

nice post :)
and im sure Neil will forgive you.

The Mommanista said...

Great coat!!

Winona, I didn't realize that you too have the Robbie love. I even got hi little known CD...beat that!!!

Queen Michelle said...

Mr Likey, that is a damn fine coat. You must be very proud.

AppleDiva said...

So what else did you get?

Jessica Castro said...

Nice post Nick but Nona is till the world famous come in a slow second.

Anonymous said...

you have an amazing and witty blog. Love it.

daddylikeyblog said...

Applediva - well I also got a pair of blue khaki pants for $15, a plaid shirt that was regularly $62 for $20, and two plain blue shirts for $5 each.

Honeybee said...

Buttons - so much better than the zipper which makes the jacket look a bit like something worn on a russian kolkhoz.

shoegal said...

Feel better soon Nona!

applediva said...


I hope that you are feeling better.
@ Mr. Daddy Likey "Woweewow!"

applediva said...

Ok, I think I Left off a "wow"

Joei said...

nick, nona, i am so jealous.

Anonymous said...

nice purchase!!

(is that the colbert report set?)


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