Monday, April 09, 2007

Funny Quote; Funny Pants

When I originally tried out this concept, the comment section ended up housing a couple different variations of "What the hell?" and "I'm confused," which might be because I neglected to introduce/explain it, and might be because this concept only makes sense in my head. Assuming it's the former (everything that comes out of my head makes perfect sense...except for that sentence), I'll explain it.

Funny Quote; Funny (item of clothing)
is simply a random blending of my two greatest passions: stand-up comedy and inadvertently hilarious designer clothes. I will present a quote from a comedian that I find humorous, and a piece of clothing I find equally humorous. There is no relation or hidden meaning between the two--one made me laugh in a comedy club, and one elicited a chortle in my computer room at 2 in the morning while scrolling

Now that I've given that really way-too-serious introduction and completely killed the tone (that was kind of like having Dick Cheney warm up the crowd at the Comedy Store), let's continue with this post and see if "What the hell?" is still the word:

"I have a lot of growing up to do. I realized that the other day in my fort."
~Zach Galifianakis

~Marc Jacobs (oh yeah, and they're $1900. That's funny too.)


Annie said...

Those pants definitely remind me of the pants that the guy walking on stilts in the street when I was in Busch Gardens was wearing. Actually, they probably were those pants.

papagena said...

It's ok Winona, I get it :)

dusk&summer said...

hilarious quote! and those pants are ridiculous

Riona said...

I like that her shoes appear to be coming off, which must seem like the last straw to the model.

Anonymous said...

they look like really well-chiseled stone!


ashley churchill said...

oh god, marc WHY??????

Carissa said...

I loved those harem pants on Snejana.. ahh, Aladdin.

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