Saturday, July 19, 2008

Reader Poll Follow Up: It's Usually a Nice Day for a Black Wedding

Well, the votes have been cast, and a verdict has sort of been reached in the Daddy Likey Nice Day For a Black Wedding? Poll.

The vast majority of votes were evenly split (like, really evenly--right now it's 227 to 231) between the passionate proponents of the little black dress in all wedding situations and those who say it all depends on which black dress (and possibly just as importantly, which wedding).

As I mentioned on Monday, I'm leaning toward the latter, because, for example, this dress would probably not be the best thing to wear to, say, a traditional summer wedding:

But it would be absolutely perfect for that renaissance faire-themed wedding you have coming up (the one with the invitation inked on a parchment scroll).

And this would probably not be the best thing to wear, ever:

But little black dresses can be so classic and chic, it would be a shame to throw out the option. I think a simple black dress looks just right in the fall and winter months, especially at evening weddings. For the summer, it can definitely work too--just go for pretty details, eyelets, and lighter fabrics. I really like these next two options which also happen to be fairly cheap:

Helena Eyelet Dress, $35!,

Tiered Full Dress, £85.00,

And like many brilliant readers pointed out, accessories can make or break the outfit, so try a pink shawl, gold clutch, or bright blue shoes (although a bright blue shawl, pink clutch, or gold shoes would be just as good).

Speaking of brilliant readers, be sure to check out the comments from Monday's post, as they contain a wealth of wedding fashion wisdom. Here are a few of my favorite tidbits:
As long as you're not showing a ton of cleavage or your chocha, everybody will be paying attention to the bride anyway. Its all about love, man, not the dress.

Absolutely... unless you go around telling people you're wearing black because you are in mourning for your stepbrother's lost freedom.

Black heels to funeral, metallic to wedding.

I am, by no means, a clothes extremist. But if you can't dress up for someone's wedding, don't go.

[Black] might be okay after six, on a Saturday night, in Manhattan. Other than that, I wouldn't risk it, not even for spite.

My friend had a Goth wedding & black was not only fine, it was practically mandatory.

I certainly think if the bride spends her time brooding over your dress, she's marrying the wrong damn guy.

I believe it's fine to wear black to a wedding as long as the dress isn't funeral-y but my mother begs to differ. Of course, she is biased since the groom at the wedding she last attended wearing black attempted to kill the bride not long after the wedding.


WendyB said...

I hate it when couples try to kill each other during their honeymoons.

Elizabeth said...

Despite what I said in the comments (and how zany to see my comment highlighted in your post), I think those dresses are very cute, and if you want to wear black, those would be fine examples of how to do it with brilliant good taste.

Annie Spandex said...

Region matters, I think. Here in the South, the Delia's eyelet dress is definitely wedding appropriate, but the last one might be a little too dressy/frilly for a guest--it looks more like something an attendant would wear.

lalaolive said...

Why'd you have to post my dream wedding dress in the first picture? Now everyone is gonna steal my idea!

Pret a Porter P said...

the delias one is so cute!!

Mladen said...

I completely disagree on the hot body tight "skirt", hell yeah!

Anonymous said...

A pretty black dress you can probably get away with, as long as you wear sheer pantyhose. Not wearing stockings to a formal occasion is ever so terrible. said...

Why not? We got married oct 30th and I would have loved an improv dress code!

Anonymous said...

LMAO. I had a wedding in san francisco 2 years ago, and didn't have anything to wear, but i had a couple days there prior to the wedding so i figured my mom and i could shop and it would give us an excuse to get out of the lame planned activities. anyway, so we're shopping, and i'm in the dressing room, and my mother--who is connecticut classy to the core--came scurrying into the fitting area saying "honey!! i found it! it's so cute and you'll look so nice in it!" i step out of the fitting room and i swear to god she has the black satin bastard spawn of that dominatrix dress up there in her hot little hands.

Anonymous said...

I love the tiered look. On both dresses and skirts, its so great for summer. Corey Lynn Calter has an amazing tiered short black dress that i'm in love with. I found it on this website SUPER on sale too!

how adorible would that be out on the town?

MizzJ said...

lol good lord what wedding was that person at that they tried to kill each other?! Anyhoo, you should totally buy that eyelet dress whether you wear it to the wedding or not! It is too cute and too cheap to waste.

franki durbin said...

unless you're a goth girl, NO WAY.

If you are? Then your friends would likely be disappointed if you didn't goth it up a bit on your wedding day. What's a little black lace amongst friends?

But for me it's a total "no"

Anonymous said...

omg! you included my comment in your highlighted comments (it's the one about the groom attempting to murder the bride)! thanks!

Anonymous said...

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