Thursday, July 17, 2008

Metallic Teal Eyeshadow, Save Me From Myself!

At the risk of losing all credibility (or did that happen already?), I have a confession: I dress really badly in the summer. For serious. I'm such a drama queen about the heat that my daily style consists of ribbed tanktops, cutoff jeans, and lots of whining. Chic, right?

Taking a style quiz with my friend Katelyn the other day and scoring somewhere between "boring" and "more boring" (unfortunately it didn't take into account my vehement denial: "You wait til it gets cold! You wait til I can wear bright yellow tights!") and living in constant fear that I'll run into one of my readers while dressed only slightly better than Kevin Federline made me realize I need to step up my game.

I decided to start by switching up my sad summer makeup routine (currently: mascara, powder, whining about being sweaty before 10am). So a couple days ago, I piled on some metallic teal eye shadow (MAC paint pot), and I loved it so much I did it the next day, and I'll probably do it today too. I love the bright summery color, and I'm really impressed with MAC's staying power (these pictures are from the end of a long, sweaty day).

I think it adds enough pizazz to excuse my pitiful daily uniform through the next heat wave. And you wait til it gets cold! You wait til I can wear bright yellow tights!


Anonymous said...

oh wow, gorgeous eyes! this is my first time commenting, but i check your blog everyday. i've always liked the idea of having like a colour eye shadow around the eye like that, but i have dark brown eyes and darker skin, what colour would you (or your dark eyed readers) recommend? i've experimented with that green you got on but i feel it doesn't go well with my eyes the way it would with light coloured eyes. (you have pretty eyes btw). ok i'll stop rambling. seriously tho. really cool look!

Stickyheels said...

Dearest Nona,
I swear I'm not hitting on you, but that being said: Has anyone told you lately that you have a fantastically funny and popular blog and on top of all that you have FABULOUS eyebrows? Ugh. Jealousy.


The Dreamer said...

" I have a confession: I dress really badly in the summer. For serious. I'm such a drama queen about the heat that my daily style consists of ribbed tanktops, cutoff jeans, and lots of whining."

Hahaha, try living in Singapore! It's Summer every single minute, every single day.

P.S. I love your freckles!

Anonymous said...

a) you're just generally super pretty.
b) you do, as bp mentioned, have fabulous eyebrows
c) i would hide that headband when you move to dc, because i might have to come down and rip it off your head screaming "MINE, ALL MINE!!!!"
d) that was scary
e) love the eyeshadow.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, who knew you were so beautiful! I like this metallic eye look.

I don't think anyone really "dresses" for super-hot summer days, do you?

Anonymous said...

I think this is the perfect solution. Everyone will be so mesmerized by your gorgeous eyes, eyelashes batting a mile a minute, that they'd never notice if you were wearing a potato sack and galoshes. Well played, lady.

Additionally, a grating whine is my favorite sweltering day accessory. It's the cherry on top.

Bekah said...

ohhh I wish I had the guts to wear bold makeup like that in a small town
it looks soooo good
I need to get myself some MAC products...badly

Anonymous said...

holy crap winona, what a cute headband!

Life's a Wardrobe said...

LOVE the headband - where's it from? The eyeshadow looks great too.

the assistant said...

it is a pretty good color

thefashionhead said...

well let me just say i'm pumped for the recent surge in postings from you. this eye shadow is really pretty and it looks great with your eyes and skin. i've worn eyeshadow like once in my life (and it was silver and glittery and from delias) because i have no idea how to put it on or what color to get, but you've inspired me! i think we kinda have the same skin/eye color so im going to try a similar color....

Pamcasso said...

Gorgeous eyeshadow, might have to go buy some myself! What's your skin secret? is it genetic? I know the real Robert Downey Jr has pretty good skin, despite the nicotine addiction (honestly he didn't look bad on black tar heroin and cocaine either...). And I know what you mean about dressing in the summer- I sort of blame it on not having to dress for warm weather in school, but I'm pretty sure that isn't a real excuse... My wardrobe is totally different from winter to summer though, looks like the seasons could belong to two separate people. I look forward to those yellow tights- mine will be purple though!

Joy Barr said...

d00d! i hate my summer clothes! in the winter i get to layer and wear all kinds of boots and coats and hats and scarves. in the summer, it is just my being gross and sweaty in as little clothes as is acceptable.

daddylikeyblog said...

Thanks for your comment! I would try a frosty purple color to bring out brown eyes. It's really all about the tone of the color--some shades of green make me look like I've been on a five day bender, while others are super flattering. Try some experimenting at the makeup counter or in the cheapy makeup section at the drug store.

Awww thank you!

And that is exactly why I don't live in Singapore--I would melt into a sad little Winona puddle within a few days of the heat!

I always tell myself that, and then I read blogs like Fashion Toast and see gorgeous well-dressed nonsweaty people floating down the street and think, "Damn."

My plan exactly!

I grew up in a town of 1,000, and I demand that you try some bold makeup! It's so much fun and you'll be so glad you took the risk. DO IT!

Cate, Sade, and Life's a Wardrobe--
The headband is from the sale bin at the J. Crew counter--$3.99! Holla!

Yes, try it out, and tell me how it goes!

Masters in the Czech said...

Winona, You would HATE living in Florida. Everyday is a uniform of shorts and tank-tops. If you want to cover up your legs, your asking for trouble. With average temperatures in the 90's with humidity of 85%, I'm pretty sure they don't even sell leggings down here!
That being said, LOVE the eyeshadow! It makes me want to try it out!

WendyB said...

Love it!

Lisa said...

So pretty! That teal hue really brings out the blue tones in your eyes. And your headband? Super cute. :)

I second the purple eyeshadow recommendation for brown eyes. I also like pistachio green.

Kelly said...

I like your headband. That is all.

(that's not really all, I like your eyeshadow too, but I like the headband just a smidge more)

Lindz said...

Must have me some of that. I have the paint pot in black and am in love with it. I like that color with blue eyes - I have a shadow that color from MAC that I used to wet and use as liner but now that I know that they have it in a paint pot, I am sold.

pretty said...

What about that ab fab headband??? Super summery hair?

There's no way you only look midly better than K Fed, teal eyeshadow or not (which by the way rocks)

/// said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too. I really want to punch trinny and susannah when they rag on capri or cargo shorts - as if they knew what HOT meant.

Along with everyone else, have to say WOW about those brows. The shadow is look great!

I find sundresses do in a pinch - easy but they look like effort was expended. An I am not abour effort when it's hot. And they are breezy on the sweaty thighs we all get in summer - eww.

Teresa said...

I want your eyebrows.

caroline duke said...

ok wow you look just like my friend lauren from when i was little, except you don't look 8.

i peed her bed one night when i was sleeping over, and we kind of stopped being friends.

Anonymous said...

well, it's hard to appear pretty when it looks like you're having wet tee-shirt contests with yourself on a daily basis... that's why we like fall :)

also, your eyes look GREAT!

Anonymous said...

First of all, thank you very much for your comment. It really made my day. Believe me, most people, those that are my relatives, friends, etc, don't seem to have much faith in me. They always come up with new excuses why I shouldn't go. I appreciate every single believer, they give me hope :)

Secondly, the eyeshadow suits you perfectly. And the headband is cute. Just like you.

Thirdly, you have a wonderful blog. It's fun to read and it's a great combo of all things interesting. I came across it by accident when I googled 'navy cardigan' and the best one was on your blog. :D

amdangtran said...

Never come to Texas. For the obvious reasons, but also because it's been over one hundred degrees for the last five days in a row. :) Sounds great doesn't it?

bestie said...

i've always liked mac's staying power, too.. in fact i think i have the exact same shade of eyeshadow as yours..

and you have such cute freckles!(:

Anonymous said...

Hey, just saw you in the NY Times!

Love the picture - you look great. Hope the pasta was good...


Kim said...

I live in South Carolina and it's at about this time of year where I consider either:
(A) Suicide
(B) Not leaving my house until the end of September.
Clothes are no fun at all right now. I long for Fall.
You and your blog are amazing - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I just see you quoted at length in the NYTimes wearing, if I has to guess: metallic teal eyeshadow and a really great headband? Well done.

Winona, you are fabulous.

Joanna Goddard said...

very pretty.

Anonymous said...

If I tried the same thing, the 'clown' comes to mind...on you...amazingly beautiful...

Anonymous said...

I love this. And it looks wearable in this non-showy but still eye-catching way--that is, you carry it off in such a way that I could see wearing such a color to get coffee or just walking around (instead of the usual way I perceive these colors, as being only for dressy events.)

So gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

so what is the teal colour called fgs?!

Anonymous said...

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