Friday, July 04, 2008

Fight the Powder? Not Anymore.

I don't know why I bought Clinique's Almost Powder Makeup. Well, that's a huge lie. I do know why: I bought it because the salesgirl was wearing a lab coat which made me believe anything she said, and she said that buying this powder would change my life. She also waved a free gift in front of my face and said it could be mine if I pre-ordered the powder (it has been documented here before that I have the willpower of a particularly impulsive Jack Russell Terrier).

And so, despite the fact that I have never bought or liked powder makeup, I became the owner of an allegedly life-changing compact full of it.

This poor impulse purchase languished in my makeup drawer for quite sometime until a couple weeks ago I realized that my usual tinted moisturizer was not doing so well in the summer heat.
The color didn't match my darker skin tone and the liquid formula was routinely transforming into a sweaty sludge.

Panicked at the prospect of choosing between no skin protection in the searing heat and spending another $30 on makeup, my mind flashed to the lonely green compact. It wasn't liquid, and it was already paid for. Perfect.

I brushed some on over my sunscreen and while it didn't save the polar bears, it kind of did change my life: it was light and flattering and evened my skin tone beautifully. It didn't turn into sweaty sludge on contact. It didn't clog my pores. It didn't make me look like Sean Patrick Flanery in Powder, which was a huge plus. (In other news, I just realized that Sean Patrick Flanery's initials are SPF--coincidence? no. way.)

Perhaps it's only so great because it's Almost Powder Makeup rather than Powder Makeup, but whatever the reason, I've been wearing it almost every day (heh, heh, see what I did there?). I'm pretty sure I'll go back to tinted moisturizer in the winter (the idea of scraping powder onto my ashen January skin is enough to give me nightmares), but for now, I'm quite happy with my excellent, impulse-purchased complexion.


Anonymous said...

great post. i have the same makeup and i love it too!
ps. you're hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ms. Daddy Likey, you're so funny. I'd hate you for your cuteness and clever ways but you're too awesome.

AusAnna said...

Clinque really never fails when it comes to A. Gifts and B. Good skin base products.

TheSundayBest said...

There is a video on Youtube showing men how to wear foundation (and all the steps in between, such as toner.)

Now, as a guy who used to wear lipstick from time to time, I'm not averse to makeup in the slightest. But I just can't get used to the way a guy looks with foundation. Maybe guys just don't have the skills yet.

sulu-design said...

I was addicted to this stuff for years. And the only reason that my addiction has come to and end is that I'm tightening the old belt - not in the sense I've lost weight and suddenly have a flat tummy... in the sense that I'm becoming a tight wad and now buy the $7 stuff that just doesn't compare.

Anonymous said...

Love this post! I might have to go out and buy some powder!

WendyB said...

I'm almost tempted to give it a try.

Pret a Porter P said...


Anonymous said...

oh la la now i really want some of that

dayna desastre

Bekah said...

heh heh...ohhh winona, you sneaky little fox, with you and that almost every day.
I'm too lazy for foundation during the summer (or ever, actually)
good ol spf moisturizer for me
and remember it has to be over 30!

Anonymous said...

What a nice accidental buy.... The things I buy from persuasive make-up ladies usually ends up wrecking my skin... but hey-ho...some ppl just get all the make-up luck...

Rachel said...

oh FABULOUS - i'm always looking for new makeup rec's (i've been loyal to my bare escentuals mineral powder but now summer & sweat have thrown a wrench in teh works). perhaps the clinque counter is my next stop, especially now that i got a raise, haha. thanks dollface!

/// said...

Oh yay--- finding the perfect foundation is like HELL for me. My skin changes so often, so fast! You're lucky you've found something that works... at least for now! ;)

Anonymous said...

God Speed

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ruin and poison

Ange Friesen said...

I have so many impulse purchase foundations that I quickly tire of. I only hope that someday even one of them enters my makeup repertoire in a way that I like.

Mel said...

Love that powder! I use it every day in the sticky humid heat of Memphis. Works like a dream, so worth the $$.

Pippa said...

I'm a recent powder convert too. For me, its all about the brush. I have a mac one that looks cakey on if you use the sponge, but light, with good coverage, if you use a brush. Was pushed on me by a scary Mac girl - the most intimidating of them all

Lisa said...

I've been a mineral powder foundation user for about a year now, and I haven't looked back. :)

queengilda said...

i love that we have a similar sense of humor. ha!

i've been looking for a good compact powder. maybe i'll try this one out!

Jenna said...

I bought it as a result of this post. Thank you very much; I'm very pleased.

Anonymous said...

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