Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I knew the risks

Girl on the elevator, gawking at my bright yellow tights: Oh my GOD, for a second I thought you had, like, a really bad tan!

Me: Oh. Heh, heh.

Girl: No, it's cool! It's like The Simpsons.


sophie said...

How sweet.

I can't believe she had the guts to talk to someone in an elevator, let alone insult their clothes...whenever I'm in elevators I get really tense and just pretend to be entirely concerned with what floor I'm headed to so nobody will want to talk to me.

WendyB said...

I think that's the best compliment ever.

Anonymous said...

Better than wearing bright pink stockings and coming out of bathroom, and hearing your boyfriend scream, and then recover himself enough to say "Oh sorry, I though you'd burnt your legs in the bath."

Anonymous said...

Hhhaa, I had this pair of yellow tights and I wore them out but my legs looked exactly like an Ompa Lumpa and I couldn't handle it!

Kaume'alani said...

Some of the characters on that show are pretty hot. www.simpsonizeme.com

soilikethelike said...

Can you warn me of the risks of a bright teal pair?

Maya said...

oh that's awful! i hate it when people say things like that. good thing you don't know her. today my friend told me, i looke really pale in the face like i had put too much white foundation on. and that i looked really sick and pale and even be mistaken for being albino. I couldn't believe it, i have allergies and not feelings well and I'm naturally white but she's a good friend of my'n...it hurt. :(
sorry to ramble about that xD you probably didn't want to hear..or read that i mean, but i just re...no i will shut up now.

i really do like your blog though :]

Wishful thoughts said...

I'm sorry but I just thought that it was a hilarious exchange. Seriously, sometimes people just can't handle it when others wear tights that are not an "approved" color. I think that the yellow tights sound like they were a lot of fun - and you felt great while wearing them. I say - enjoy the yellow tights and the rest of the world can adjust (or not) as the case may be.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

That was a conversation that would have been better held in her own head...but very funny to read.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I would have whacked her across the face....but I have anger issues....so yeah.....

Elizabeth said...


Anything to do with yellow tights, or the Simpsons is alright with me.

Lump said...

HAHA too funny! actually, I like the Simpsons! :)

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOLOL. While I'm not the person who said it - it is exactly what I would say ... or at least want to say.

Love you Winona and love the elevator girl! :-P

MizzJ said...

hah either she is really ballsy or just stupid. Probably a bit of both.

Anonymous said...

Insert eyeroll here.

Joy Barr said...

Yeah, every time I wear my pale pink tights, my friends tell me it looks like I have weird colored legs. I think it's cute!

this is a bad tan: http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa205/_Korax_/fail4.jpg

Katy said...

It's only a matter of time before someone says something similar to me about my gold leggings:

(Scroll down a bit to see.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, unwelcome brutal honesty! At least she cushioned the blow with a Simpsons reference.

Kate said...

I have a pair of matte gold american apparel leggings that I bought on a whim.
When my improv team made it to nationals and went to Ottawa, I thought that this would be the perfect time to bust them out. Gold leggings = good luck and confidence boots right?
As I was getting ready for the big performance, one of my guy friends told me that for a second he thought I had spray painted my legs. I should have taken that as a warning.
Cut to me jumping around on stage in a lil black dress with those glorious gold leggings and everyone thinking I had funny legs and that I was about to flash them any second.
It's all good though because my team ended up winning bronze!

Anonymous said...

i don't think thats necessarily meant as an insult... it's sounds like something someone says without thinking, not realizing it could be misconstrued.

Bekah said...

well I'm sure you brightened up her day! hardy har har, I'm so punny.

Helen said...

sooo are you lisa or marge??

*~Dani~* said...

Where are the pics? A Simpson compliment is pretty cool unless you are told you look like one of Marge's sisters. That is not so cool

Poochie said...

Wait a second! I have bright yellow tights (and pink ones too) are people keeping something from me?

Do I look like an Oompa Loompa and no one said anything?

My self-delusion is shattered.


meliasaurus said...


G said...

I actually saw another girl wearing bright yellow Simpsons tights at the crossing of Connecticut and K st, so only a few blocks from where you're interning. What are the odds that two girls took that route on the same day within such a small area?

Birdie! said...

HAHAHAHA. I'm sure that girl felt REALLY stupid after saying that. I mean, that's one of those things where your mouth starts running and your brain is 5 seconds behind, thinking: "Oh NO!!! Think of some way to recover!! Fast!!"

hollarback said...

I sincerely hope that was towards the end of the day...hearing that in the morning would be too much to bear....

Anonymous said...

I had these gorgeous vintage dead stock tights that were sheer white with giant opaque white polka dots. They were pretty amazing - I've still never seen anything like them. Wasn't too impressed though when a friend of mine took me to one side and said "Amy, I'm sorry, but it looks like you have some incurable, rare and disgusting disease on your legs." I'm all for hearing opinions, but perhaps there are times when people should keep things to themselves.

I say ignore the elevator girl. If you love it, you keep doing it. I wore those white tights until I ripped them - oh, the fragility of vintage stockings!

Anonymous said...

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