Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I made the mistake of stopping by American Apparel late last night for completely un-Halloween related reasons. Good god. There was a line out the door of people stocking up on skimpy costume essentials, and I seriously almost smacked one girl when I caught her saying, "I just wish these shorts were, like, shorter." Really, ma'am? American Apparel's merchandise is too demure for your tastes?

On that note, stay tuned for an upcoming installment of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha—it's a doozy!

p.s. Check out the "Miss World A.D. 300,000" Halloween costume I illustrated for National Geographic's blog here.


WendyB said...

I agree...American Apparel just really isn't sleazy enough to appease my inner ho.

Jenna said...

Some people really need to barf on themselves.

Rachel said...

I'm a little concerned that my Halloween costume tonight might get close to Don't Show-cha Your Chocha levels of short... Which is why I'm wearing shorts underneath the miniskirt. I'm going as Hermione Granger, but the only pleated skirt I own is so short that I hardly ever wear it.

GLC said...

Maybe that girl is just stocking up on stripper clothes. It's just a business expenditure because sometimes you gotta spend money to make money.

Anonymous said...

Hahah. Yes, the amount of sluttiness around is certainly up to par this year.

Did you have any Halloween plans? There was trick-or-treating along Embassy Row this afternoon. I saw a plush costume dog and gingerbread man, with accompanying neon Japanese ravers come out of the Dupont Circle metro earlier this evening as well, so I'd say there's a bunch of stuff going down there.

Katy said...

Ahhhh!!!! I hate using Halloween as an excuse to wear next to nothing, and I love Halloween! For a more thought-out rant, chech out my blog:

hollarback said...

And yet another reason I am actually happy to not be a 20 something these days. Would not want to deal with those chicks.


Poochie said...

So are the heels your Miss World A.D. 300,000 patterned after these -



Joanna Goddard said...

what an insane look! crikey.

Pret a Porter P said...


Bekah said...

hah. gold digger.
my friend was that, only less american apparel-y, and more adapted to the canadian weather haha
sometimes american apparel's slutterific-ness makes me ashamed that I call it one of my favourite stores.

Lisa said...

I almost had a DSYC moment yesterday for Halloween but improvised instead.

Anonymous said...

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Kim said...

Ah, American Apparel - the devil, according to the Southern Baptist conservatives in this town. They run an ad on our weekly alternative city paper's back page and there is not a week that goes by where someone hasn't written an Angry Complaint about the whorish clothes on the back page. I look forward to my lunch hour the day the paper comes out every week because of this. My life is very exciting.

Elizabeth said...

I had to take a shower after I went into AmApp to get those silver leggings I wore this week. The schmattes they sell in there barely qualifies as "garments."

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh out loud this morning with that picture! Thank you. Don't need coffee now. I am awake!

Anonymous said...

I love AA for certain reasons but I do think they're taken the fun out of Halloween...and I'm not even that into the holiday coming from a Brit perspective...

Helen said...

Hahahaha American Apparel is rather deumre- what is it about halloween and wearing very little??

Anonymous said...

Maybe she was being TOTALLY IRONIC and you just didn't, you know, "get" it because most people don't get her sense of humor because she's, like, SO sarcastic all the time.

j/k j/k!!!11

I went to Costco last night and bought peanut butter for the first time in over three months.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she should've gone shopping at Hos R Us. :) Thankfully I've noticed that some girls seem to be outgrowing the "need" to show their entire boo-dy for halloween. Seriously, folks, if you want to dress like that and it's a secret, burning desire... just do it whenever. Don't use poor ole' halloween as the excuse. Sheesh.

Anthea said...

I was there last week and one of the sales people told me that the mesh running shorts were flying out the store at two per hour!! lol I didn't buy a pair but I can just imagine!!

Anonymous said...

OK, that drawing is the BEST. Is there anything you can't do?

Susan B said...

Are you interning at Nat Geo??? If so, you need to e-mail me, stat!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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