Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, Volume XV

At long, long last, it is time for another installment of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha! The submissions have been rollin' in, and if it didn't sound supremely creepy, I would say something like, "I see more and more chocha every day! It's marvelous!"

If you're just joining us, and you didn't leave after that first paragraph, click here for the scoop on DSYC, and if you're an old hat, read on:

The subject line of Katy's email was And they say being a model is easy...

If I may offer a slight correction: perhaps being a model is easy, but being a model and maintaining your dignity is not.

Bec says: I was looking for a dress to wear to the year 11 Prom. My legs are quite long, so I was looking for something short to show them off, but that covers the rest up. Looking online, I saw some shockers, to say the least, but I nearly wet my pants when I saw this one:

If this girl wet her pants, while not wearing pants, are her pants still wet?
Whoa! Spontaneous koan!

The ever vigilant Tessa came across this offender:

Thank god this is on a mannequin because if this were a real human with any sort of flesh, there would be even more danger of indecent exposure.

Speaking of exposed mannequins:

Says reader Emma: Have they blacked out said chocha with some sort of extra thick square of fabric? I'm confused. I've gotta add that this is the first time I've seen a mannequin actually pulling down the hem of a dress. Seriously. Someone give that mannequin a pair of shorts and a Chips Ahoy. She deserves it.

From Cate: I’m very happy that this young lady is so happy, although I wish she’d spent some time brushing her hair. Or, at least….I WAS happy. Until I scrolled down:

Now that is one proud show-er of chocha.

The next entry comes from the lovely Michaela, who was perusing pics of an Alexander McQueen runway show when she found, well, this:

She says: It seems like all of your warnings might come in too late for this little number! Yeah, I'd say so.

Niki is quite confused by Ashanti's dress and thoughtful pose here:

She seems to be calmly inspecting it during a photo op? By "it" here I'm guessing Niki means "chocha," which qualifies that sentence as one of the best ever written.

Lisa quotes the professional style advice that accompanied the photo below: "The micro mini is one of those essential pieces that every functional wardrobe needs. A black micro mini skirt is fundamental. It can be dressed up or down."

Her brilliant assessment: ...I'll dress it DOWN please!

So, when I receive an email titled "Reverse Chocha," I get a little nervous. And when I open said email and find this, I realize I was totally right to be nervous:

Rachel explains: I was researching stripper pants (don't ask), and came across those beauties. The model is clearly uncomfortable, and 'cha exposure seems imminent. She is posed halfway between the "have to pee" stance and the "help me I'm being eaten by pants" stance.

I love this alternate view, too:

Well, I don't really love it, but I find the pose hilarious.

And finally, to keep the classy theme goin', a few readers sent in this, um, interesting Marc Jacobs ad:

Raeesa: Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, man-style?

Ashley: You know how the rich use $100 bills to wipe? I think he one upped them by choosing a 4-figure bag as a personal port-a-potty.

Annie: If the purse was removed from this photo, a chocha WOULD be showing. But actually, I think this is a guy.

You guys crack me up.

p.s. I'm going to try to get DSYC posts up more regularly, so keep the chocha comin'! Oh god. I'm sorry.
Anyway, email me: daddylikeyblog@gmail.com


Ashley said...

I actually saw someone wearing the black neo-shift number on campus (3rd from the top). And she was not, shall we say, lacking in the booty. I was behind her. On the stairs. I cried for nights.

lauren price said...

oh god, the reverse chocha. if the first model stands up straight, i think the whole 'cha is gonna pop out.

Beth said...

That last person is a man?!

Oh nyooooo....

Arlynn said...

Woah... being a new follower of Daddy, I've not seen any previous chocha posts and therefore wasn't sure what to think after reading it this morning. I left the page, came back & couldn't stop thinking about the exposed chocha trend - I had to blog about your blog and introduce my (few - ok, nonexistent) readers to this epidemic. Ha! this was a total laugh & a great way to get me through a dreary morning. Thanks Winona!

WendyB said...

The reverse chocha is very exciting!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm completely confused by the stripper pants. I mean I assume that they don't stay on for long but doesn't the woman wearing them have to do bit of strutting or pole dancing first? I just don't see how this would work. Not that I've actually given it THAT much thought. Only a cumulative hour or so...

Winona! You live in DC now. You have to check out my giveaway from yesterday for a great Bee Gee Bags clutch. The indie designer is DC based and I think she's amazingly creative. Besides - if you win the giveaway then I can just hand deliver the bag to you and cut out the whole post office/shipping issue altogether (I hate the post office - I'm really hoping someone local wins).

Lisa said...

Hahaha the reverse chocha was too good not to feature!

Anonymous said...

ROFL your captions always leave me smiling. I love this series. i really don't understand the chic in the green dress, she looks so indecent i wonder how she was able to manage walking out of her front door.

Katy said...

Oh Winona, you never fail to make me laugh! And I was so excited to see that my picture was the first! I think I'm engaged in a Toxic Designer Relationship (you coined a term!) with Anna Sui. The first sign was the pre-ripped tights for around $120. The second was the "dress" seen here.

TheSundayBest said...

With the black micro mini we've reached the point of no return - there, where one should not look on a lady, is clearly the...er...fabric that should not be seen. If this doesn't concern people I give up.

As for Marc Jacobs - considering his latest ads featured full frontal nudity this is a little reserved. And that is definitely a dood.

Today I had to write "unwmp" to post a comment. Unwmp - what men do when they man up.

Darling said...

Yay! You featured my Reverse Chocha submission! My life is complete, and the time I spent on that stripper pants website is now totally validated :) Thanks, Winona!

-Rachel (a.k.a. Darling)

Anonymous said...

Geez. With all that bonus, butt-cape fabric, you'd think Ashanti could cover up those lady parts SOMEHOW.

Elizabeth said...

Well, now I've seen everything. Those lurex (or whatever) stripper pants are not even all the way ON! They're like extra-long leg warmers.

Certainly they cannot count as pants.

Reena Rai said...

Is it wrong that I'm absolutely loving the reverse chocha stripper pants? Not in a I-want-them-in-my-wardrobe-way though!!

kokostiletto said...

omg i cannot believe that alexander mcqueen one!

Bekah said...

I bought a skirt EXTREMELY similar from AA once. I tried it on, it was cute...put it on the next day to wear it, walked around the house a bit...and it started riding up a little. uh oh. I took the skirt off, putting it in the bag saying, "I'm so sorry Winona!" and returned it that same day.

Pret a Porter P said...

4 figure bag as portapotty!!!
sounds like something britney would have done in her crazy phase!

TheMinx said...

check out Alexandre Hercovitz's spring/summer 09 collection. He utilizes the hot new street fashion of CROTCH RUFFLES. I can't even explain them here, you have to see in real life

(there is a post of it on my blog from october. It might be a little scary to experience)

Anonymous said...

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Liz said...

Is that a pierogi on the first model's head?

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