Friday, October 24, 2008

One More Batch of Runners Up! I Can't Help It!

These entries to the Daddy Likey Halloween Costume Chronicles Contest were too good not to post:

OK, so last year my roommates and I went as the Mystery Gang (picture below, I am Velma). Awesome group costume that got many comments on our bus ride to school. It was unfortunate that Jill, our Daphne, had to stay late and couldn't ride home with us. While waiting for a bus, we spotted another Daphne crossing the street at the end of the block. She did a double take as we waved her over. Her companion (some sort of mad scientist) got pictures of us all. We totally made that girl's day



One of the most creative costumes I have ever seen was when a friend of mine in high school went as "The Road." It was a simple sleeveless dress that had streets sewn/drawn on it with little hot wheels cars sewn on. It was basically amazing. I wish I had a picture...


If you're a theater major in a dorm, there are likely many, many dance majors living within a few yards. And dance majors do not blink or ask many questions when you run down the hall asking "Does anyone have a flesh-toned leotard I can borrow this weekend?". They only ask "full-length or knee-length?"

I took said flesh-toned full-body leotard (and some full-coverage flesh toned underthings, naturally) and attached three black fabric strips to it. One over the boobs, one over the crotch, and one over the butt. I added some flesh-toned character shoes (you know which ones I'm talking about, fellow former theater majors!) because hey, if I'm essentially going naked to a big Halloween extravaganza, I've got to find a way to elongate my legs.

I froze my barely-covered ass off that night, but I won the costume contest in my Victim of Censorship costume.

Although I live in Australia I do have a funny, slightly embarasing, Halloween story to tell. The day after the halloween of 1998, I heard over the fence from the boy next door that he and his brothers were given an entire cheesecake and eight dollars cash! Being nine years old, I thought that eight dollars was sooo much money and was determined to try it out the following year.

As luck would have it, on October 28th the next year, my mum was invited to visit her friend for a few days. She packed her bags and left my older sister in charge.

We stayed up late! We didn't brush out teeth! We had so much fun! It was Sunday afternoon, about 4pm when we realised what day it was. We took a white shirt of hers and covered it with tomato sauce making it look like she was.. covered in tomato sauce!

She then grabbed all the toilet paper she could find and began to wrap it around my legs. She told me 'Take you pants off. You're too lumpy.' I didn't even think about it. I was way too excited! Eight dollars! I pulled off all my clothes. She continued wrapping until my entire body was covered. I stuck out my arms and grabbed a bag to fill with candy. We ran out the door!

It was pretty warm out so everyone was out in the street. Kids riding their bikes, people walking their dogs. The man across the street and his wife were planting flowers! The boy next door was digging a hole!

All of a sudden it began to get very windy. Bits of toilet paper began blowing away leaving sections of skin exposed. first my arms and shoulders. I could feel upper thigh exposed!
One giant gust of wind removed all that was left of my 'costume'.

I was 100%, completely naked, standing in shock next to my sister - covered in sauce.

I couldn't think of anything to do but run. I ran the entire length of the street. All the neighbours (and their dogs) looked up to see what my sister was laughing so hard at and got to see me and my nakedness run past. I was devastated. and haven't thought about celebrating Halloween since.

This picture is me dressed as Smurfette and my boyfriend dressed as sexy woman devil. He actually was sexy, but only for me I guess. I wore cobalt blue tights on my legs and arms, a really cheap blond wig, an even cheaper white A-line dress and I made the white Smurf cap by cutting and sewing an old white t-shirt and stuffing it with pillow insides.


My junior year of college at UC Berkeley, I was pretty poor (aren't most college kids?). I couldn't afford something extravagant. I normally make my own costumes anyway. But this year, with little time and even littler money, I walked into a costume store on a whim. In the kiddie section, I found a boys' Superman/Clark Kent costume...suit jacket, white shirt, neck tie, glasses...and a muscular chestplate! It was the day before Halloween. So naturally...everything was 80% off! I think I paid all of $12 for it. Since I'd saved so much money, I decided to get my dog a matching Superman outfit too.

Halloween morning, I was on my way to chemistry class with my dog all dressed up too (he's a good boy and has no problems waiting outside for me until I get out of class). Suddenly, I saw my professor walking towards me, huffing and puffing. "Krizia! Happy Halloween! Wait up!" My handsome professor, with his hair starting to streak silver in some places. He ran up to me saying, "I like your costume. I want to show you something."

Horror of horrors, he quickly began to loosen his tie...shrug off his suit jacket...unbutton his shirt..."Oh God," I thought..."What is this man doing?! We're in the parking lot for God's sake!" He pulled his shirt open...and underneath...a Superman shirt! "We have the same costume!" he smiled.

Sigh* of freakin' relief. I laughed. What a guy. What was I thinking? Of course my hot, intelligent, older chemistry professor wouldn't corner me in a still empty parking lot on Halloween morning to profess his undying attraction to me. It was fun while it lasted :) The kids at Berkeley got a kick out of me and my dog walking around campus in our matching outfits. A lot of people snapped pictures and shouted out comments. Was it all worth the $17 I'd spent? Supremely.

So, when I was about 20 years old, we decided we wanted to go Trick or Treating like little kids again. For some odd reason, I decided I wanted to be a chicken in a nest. I made my nest out of a hula hoop and lots and lots of yellow streamers, and I just held it all up with my hands. I'm pretty sure I wore a white turtleneck (yuck!), orange tights (hello, FAT knees!), and a headband with a latex glove blown up and painted red on my head. Suffice to say, this was not one of my most attractive costume ideas.

To make matters worse, my younger brother also wanted to come along, and his lame, last minute costume idea was the classic ghost: white sheet over head with eyes cut out.

I helped him cut out the eyes, and when we threw it over his head, I was SHOCKED and HORRIFIED to discover that he hadn't brought a regular sheet, but a small twin-size duvet cover, which meant, THERE WERE POINTY LITTLE CORNERS on this piece of fabric, and one of the corners ended up being on top of his head!!!! AWFUL!!!!

For some reason, we all went out to Trick or Treat anyway. Luckily, my brother didn't get beat up, but we didn't get much candy. People would open the door and be like, "Um, you guys are too old to trick or treat."

Embarassing. What an ugly, sad, and offensive bunch we were.

Every year at school we are allowed to dress up, and last year I went as a witty play on words! I wore a black cat suit with cut out numbers taped all over it, when people would ask me what I was, I would say, "I'm someone you can count on!" Get it? Someone you can count on? Literally and figuratively!! Oh snap!

I had just seen Poltergeist and loved it. So, I wanted to be something scary for Halloween. But my parents explained to me that I couldn't be a poltergeist because, duh, I would have to be invisible and this was way before Harry Potter and his cloak of invisibility and OH MY GOD WHY CAN'T I JUST BE A DAMN POLTERGEIST. Finally, my mom told me that I could go as just a plain ol' ghost and she would "make" my costume. Now, my mother and I have about the same level of "domestic skillz." I can cook, at least. She cannot. So sewing, stitching, fabric, costume-making - not our strong suit.

On the morning of Halloween, I'm set to walk to preschool with my Grandma and I anxiously ask my mom about my costume. "Oh yeah, hold on." And she comes over, puts a sheet over my head and tells me to "STAY STILL GODDAMMIT!"

So I stay still while my mother cuts holes for the eyes
mere millimeters from my gorgeous baby blue eyes. I am terrified. Then she realizes that it's way too long and trims the bottom up. It looks like I have been attacked by a rabid jackolope. I don't care. I want to scare the shit out of the kids at school and start for the door. That's when we realize that the sheet won't stay put. The obvious solution? TIE A ROPE AROUND MY NECK. Thanks mom.

I don't know about Sexy Pac-Man, but last year for Halloween I dressed up as the coolest Ms. Pac-Man ever! I go to college, so come Halloween, there's nothing but freshman girls in their skimpy non-costumes. In fact, last Halloween I met a girl who was dressed as... underwear. With wings.

In order to stand out from the crowd, my friend and I opted for more awesome costumes: she went as Indiana Jones if he were born a redheaded girl, and I went as Ms. Pac-Man if she were a little less circular. I bought a yellow t-shirt from the little boys' section at Target, tied a red ribbon bow around a red headband, and bought some cheap bangles with fruit charms at Claire's. Get it? Like the bonus fruits? Ha, well nobody else got it but me. At all. But I had plenty of fun running around, going "Wokka-wokka-wokka!" And at the end of the day, I got to be comfortable on Halloween in my jeans and t-shirt, while all the other girls were freezing their chochas off!



In 1976 or so when I lived in Portland, I had a friend who decided to go to a Halloween party as Adam. His costume consisted of 2 large sycamore leaves strategically glued. Needless to say, the costume made him a little nervous so he used a lot of glue. Big-time glue. I happened to be visiting him the next day as he was using turpentine to remove said leaves and glue. As you can imagine, the tender flesh did not take kindly to such treatment.

Freshman year of college I met the most amazing boy at convocation. While he was a great guy, he was an inch shorter than me and looked to be about 12 years old. Seriously, he had an extreme babyface. So, Halloween rolls around and we decide to drive to Ohio University, along with his roommate, another guy friend and a girl friend, to partake in the legendary Halloween festivities there. We try to come up with a cute couple costume... matching cellmates? ketchup and mustard? plug and electric socket?

We weren't really thrilled about anything, but then I realized: I'm a high school education major and he looks like he's in high school... I'll be the teacher who has an affair with her student! I wore a mostly unbuttoned button-up shirt, long skirt with practically waist-high slits on both sides, heels, my glasses and bright red lipstick with my hair in a bun. He wore khakis, a sweater and a button-up shirt underneath that was all messed up like he had hurriedly gotten dressed after an illicit moment. I kissed his face and neck with the bright red lipstick and mussed his hair a bit - perfect! Too bad it was about 30 degrees that night, I ended up wearing his jacket the whole night, and no one could tell what we were. Oh well. Lesson learned: I'm never doing couple costumes again.

Attached are a picture of me and a picture of both the (ex) bf and me, his roommate the cowboy and dormmate the vampire. what a miserable night.


When I little, there were these dolls that were all the rage. They were princesses, and then when you flipped their skirts up they became CUPCAKES! I mean, seriously, that is way better than camouflage or playing dead like a opossum! So this is what I wanted to be for Halloween, and it was all I talked about, and I begged my mom to make me a cupcake princess costume.

That was the year I learned exactly how much whining I could get in before my mom completely tuned me out though, since I ended up with an upside-down lampshade as a skirt and a cherry-shaped hat

Check out the comments section of the original contest post for more great stories, and Jenna has a treasure trove of past costumes (plus pictures!) on her fab blog as well.

Finalists coming soon!


Claire said...

Oh, yay, thanks for sharing my Ms. Pac-man, Winona! I just came across this costume, and I'm so glad I didn't run into this monstrosity last year. Disgustingly skanky thought it may be, people would have actually gotten it haha.

Breezy said...

omg! i had one of those flippy cupcake dolls when i was little and i loooooved it! they were scented, too, i think, and my mom was pregnant at the time so she would puke every time she smelt it, haha.

Jenna said...

Thanks for mentioning me, dear. You're too swell to handle.

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