Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blogback Mountain + Chicago Blogger Pics!

I recently discovered two fabulous personal style blogs that have become fast favorites: Fashion Therapist and District of Chic. Please check 'em out and show some love!

How gorgeous is Amber?

Don't let Martin see these.

I think the entire internet is waiting for the pictures of Joanna's sure-to-be-gorgeous wedding. Congrats, Jo and Alex--have a wonderful time this weekend!

This is making me hungry.

Laura Jane has a friend who wants to circumnavigate the world, solo, in a boat, and Laura Jane is prepared to do whatever necessary to help her out.

Are you a pale-skinned blue-eyed brunette? Here's your perfect lipstick!

Growing up in a family of biologists, I've seen my share of denim button-up shirts, pleated dockers and orthopedic clogs, so I love love love Fashion For Nerds for proving that scientists can be sassy and chic!

Good advice.

Figure Flatter as a Limiting Factor: Love this!

Lemon Love posted some great packing tips to help me prepare for my recent trip to Chicago. (She took pity on me after I confessed my packing strategy can be summed up as "Cram everything I own in a suitcase. Pray it doesn't explode.")

Speaking of Chicago, during my time in the windy city I was lucky enough to meet up with a few lovely blogger friends, and I had a fabulous time with each and every one of them! Here are a few pics:

With my blogger soulmate, Sarah from Yes and Yes. We got in trouble for taking pictures at Forever21 and accidentally ate at a steakhouse.

With Clare from Between Laundry Days, half of Jennine from The Coveted, and Jennine's husband, Rocky. We ate giant pancakes and posed like power rangers.

Oh, and here's Jennine's whole face for good measure:

She's adorable!

I also had dinner with the lovely Dana from I'm Not Drunk, I'm Brilliant, but our photo shoot was limited to a dark self-timer experiment on the sidewalk after eating what can accurately be described as a trough of creamy pasta, so I'd rather not showcase the results. It was superfun though, and I hope to cross paths will all of you again in the future!

P.S. Can someone write a post about how to maintain cute hair while traveling? Because this unfortunate frizzball thing is becoming a theme for me.


Jenn said...

you guys are all so cute!

Amber said...

Awwwww! I love you! Thank you!
How gorgeous are you and Jennine and your 18 karat smiles??

jennine said...

omg!you are amazign! i just love, loved loved having brunch with you!

Anonymous said...

Jennine and Rocky for cutest couple ever!

Marie said...

I agree what a CUTE COUPLE!!!

omg milady..I will write that blog for you as all my ladies are worried about humidity and frizz for our upcoming trips and my bff told us some secrets! I SHALL WORK ON IT ASAP

Anonymous said...

SO wish I could've been there for the meetups! You all look ridiculously happy and unbearably glam in these photos. Seriously, did you bring a bag of Magic Beauty Dust with you from Oregon, W?

Thanks for the link love, too, my dear!!

E said...

Oh my gosh! I am so flattered that you like my blog! Thank you so much!!

Audi said...

Thanks for the love! I'm flattered indeed to be recognized by one of my very favorite bloggers. As for the travel hair, save yourself the trouble and get a hat -- or just opt for taking only extreme close-up photos and no one will ever know the difference...

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the link back to my hungry blog! Just so you know, yours is the only fashion blog I read because it is so fun to read. I am not fashionable AT ALL. So thanks. Now go eat a burger!

Laura Jane said...

Thanks x100000 for helping pass along the good word!

Catherine said...

Winona, your hair is ALWAYS adorable. I'm missing you very much right now as I met you right about this time last year. Aaaah! I'll be emailing you soon with news of my upcoming travels. To Oregon.

Siru said...

It seems that Chicago offered great times!

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

For some reason, the words 'british accent' make me want to throw things across the room hulk-style. There's no such thing!

And Nona, you silly moo, your hair looks fine! :)

Anonymous said...

STOP DOING BLOGBACK MOUNTAIN POSTS. all the blogs you recommend are far too entertaining, and i have enough blogs to keep up with as it is. thank you.

Anonymous said...

On your twitter you said, "Writing about how to dress in the Pacific Northwest. Any tips, my Oregon/Washington homies?"

What about BC? We love you here in Canada too!

Anonymous said...

aw thanks for the shoutout! you're fast!

the same 'anonymous' as the above comment, but not the one above that.

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