Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fashion Mad Libs Returns!

Yes, it's finally time for Fashion Mad Libs' triumphant return! I know I said I would give you advance notice so you could be totally ready and have time to practice generating clever nouns, but I got so excited to post this that a 20-minute Twitter warning was all I could muster. Next time I'll do better, I swear! I'll give you, like, 6 months to prepare.

If you've never participated in Fashion Mad Libs on Daddy Likey, and aren't really understanding the self-explanatory name, then click here to read the confusing and convoluted introductory post.

The basic premise is this: I shamelessly steal a fashion related article from a classified source (you'll find out soon enough), and turn it into a Mad Libs by having you guys replace words with new ones that don't make sense, so it's funny, see? I'll give you a list of the kinds of words I need, and you give them to me in the comment section. For example, if this was the list:

1. plural noun
2. adjective

Then the first commenter would write "1. kittens" and the second commenter would write "2. jolly." Or whatever. It's mega important to comment in order and number your entries, or else the next commenters won't know where to start and anarchy will ensue and society will crumble. Or something like that.

OK, here we go!

1. Plural Noun

2. Noun

3. Noun

4. A Tedious Chore

5. An Exorbitant Sum of Money

6. Plural Noun

7. Plural Noun

8. Adjective

9. Body Part--Plural

10. Body Part--Plural

11. Adjective

12. A Place of Work

13. Adjective

14. Location

15. A person

16. Plural Noun

17. Noun

18. Adjective

19. Noun

20. Noun

21. Plural Noun

22. Plural Noun

23. Adjective

24. A kind of work

25. Body Part

26. An Emotion

27. Noun

Godspeed, and stay tuned for our marvelously mangled masterpiece!


Lisa said...


Lisa said...

(oops, forgot to number...)

1. Bunnies

Dreampuff said...

2. Purple Nail Polish.
Thank you daddy likey!

Anonymous said...

3. CD case

Susie said...

3.sewing machine

Birdie! said...

4. laundry

Susie said...

DANG IT. I was slow.
5. $5,8000,982

bah said...

6. business cards

Anonymous said...

7. hospitals

Birdie! said...

8 - nostrils

(Do I get docked for participating more than once? LOL)

Emily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becky said...

9. Phalanges

Emily said...

9. pupils

Emily said...

... i mean 10

Unknown said...

10- ears

Unknown said...

ok, then 11 - juicy

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becky said...

I think 8. is supposed to be an adjective, yes? I'm submitting "egregious"

Anonymous said...

12. A mexican restaurant

Claire said...

12 - Fire station

Claire said...

Boo missed my 12!

13 - divine

Nikki said...

14 - Vegas

Christina said...

15. John Hughes

Jackie said...

15. Joseph Stalin

Unknown said...

16. golden retrievers

Anonymous said...

17. Multi-Generational Plan

Anonymous said...

18. lackadaisical

anne said...

19. alarm clock

Mandy said...

19. Panda

Anonymous said...

20. ceiling fan

Jean said...

21. Spatulas

Stephanie said...

22. Antennae

sara said...

23. gelatinous

Chocolate said...

24. cocktail waitress

Linley said...

24. Paperwork

Jennifer Nicole said...

25. Ankle.

rb said...

26. puzzled

rachelle said...

27. weiner dog

Kitty said...

Awwwww! I'm here to late. I wanna play too!

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