Thursday, September 20, 2007

All Style Hands on Deck!

One of my beautiful, smart, accomplished readers, Amber, recently sent me this email:

Hey Winona,
I was just accepted into the Teen Vogue Fashion University for 2007, which is happening in October in New York City. I'm not sure if you know much about the program (I trust that you've heard of it), but I am extremely excited to be going! I know that I will be surrounded by some of the fashion greats (Cynthia Rowley & Philip Lim, to name a few), and so many of the girls there will SERIOUSLY know how to dress. I was just thinking about it and getting slightly nervous, and wondering if you could provide me with some advice as to what to wear? Friday night is a Locksley (don't know who the hell they are) concert, Saturday is a full day of seminars/classes followed by a wrap party that night, and Sunday is the "graduation" ceremony. What do you think would be appropriate for these events? I'd love to hear your input! Thanks so much!

Usually, right about now, I would start dishing out sage advice, but I know that a few of my fellow fashion bloggers are attending TVFU (Lauren and Kori come to mind), and I know that my readers are gonna have some fab ideas for you, my dear, so I think I'm gonna open this one up for some good, old fashioned collaboration.

So, let's pretend that we're a bunch of girls (wow, that's a tough one) who just found out the theme for prom, and we're calling each other and shrieking and giggling and trying to figure out what to wear and coordinating outfits and floating jokes about asking the really nerdy guy we secretly have a crush on to see how our friends might react. Wow, that metaphor got sort of out of hand.

Anyway, what do you think Amber should wear to look like she wasn't trying tooooo hard but is just naturally the chicest girl in the room? What kind of outfit will make Philip Lim do a double-take and then ask her to come work for him? Lauren and Kori, what are you wearing? Click on the link above if you want more of a feel for the event.

Please leave a comment describing the perfect outfit you envision for our Amber, and within the next week or so, I'll choose a few of my favorites to illustrate in a follow-up post. Thank you in advance for your willingness to shriek and giggle. And, word to the wise: nerdy guys are the best.


Kori said...

As Winona said, I'm going to Teen Vogue Fashion U. too! Hooray! I'm also excitedly planning my outfits, haha. A girl I know went to the event last year, and she told me that many girls dress very eccentrically, so definitely don't worry that you'll stand out in an embarassing way, no matter how you dress. I'm waiting to see what my favorite clothing items are when the event is sooner, but if I were to go right now, I think I would dress kind of chic one day and crazy the other, just for a little variety. Really, just make sure you feel great and fashionable in your outfit. Shoes that are comfortable and stylish ('cause you're gonna be walking around), dresses that aren't too short for comfort (if you decide to wear a dress...I think dresses and skirts are the way to go because they always make me feel like I'm making an extra effort), etc. You'll want a stylish coat so that you can look great without freezing to death, and a bag big enough to hold a camera and various necessities. I myself am looking for a huuuuge bag to hold all my crap. I wish I could be more helpful, but really the point of dressing up at TVFU is to showcase your unique individual style, and only you can decide how to do that. Hope to see you there, Amber!

shallomj said...

Hmmm...I'm probably not the besallyt person to give advice, because I truly don't care what others think of my outfits...I never really try to fit in...I'd say just be yourself...

However - if I were going I'd probably wear flat boots with woolly tights and a cute dress that hits just above the knee, and a belted trench overtop of that. Maybe a cloche hat, but I'd probably decide not to wear it for fear of getting hat head. Anyways, its going to be chilly, and you'll need to be comfortable walking around. Layers are probably the best way to go.

Anonymous said...

It is a really personal thing of course.. picking outfits for a fashiony event... but I'm happy to submit my ideas...

I looked around online, and tried to pick things that were under $100... but if these items were already in the wardrobe then you wouldn't have to worry at all!!!

Day #1:
Casual grey V-neck top

Attention grabbing neon yellow skirt

Long chain necklace with a spring-green apple charm

A bright yellow divers watch

Grey, or neutral colored tights if it's cold.

A thrifted mens suit jacket - in grey or navy - preferably not too loose, but not tight either... or a safari-ish jacket in grey, green or blue

Silver Jazz shoes (heck you could get the green, and the black and the red too... they're only $20)

Day #2

Be bold.

Color block long sleeve top in Navy and Red

Slouchy menswear style pants in grey plaid

The same silver shoes from yesterday (or the red ones maybe...)

Yellow divers watch

And a big red and silver ring

a thin red, navy or silver belt would not be out of place either..

Day #3


Keep it simple with slim cut black pants

A long sleeved white collared shirt (tucked in)

Silver hoop earrings

Navy, Black and Perspex Pump

Headband with crystals

and just in case...

outfit #4

Grey pleated dress|46903|46908&mscssid=61352460af92f4b4ca6efd7d2c30ec489xMnVNoVzaGWxMnVNoVzaGo200BE187AB1E7D1EC37962B45B6DB166D03C0726314

Black tights

Black sequin beret

Silver Jazz shoes (or the black, navy, and perspex pumps)

With menswear jacket for warmth

OH.. and for a day bag

for evening... a small cross body... maybe in silver..

Yeah.. thats a lot of writing... I hope all the links work...

Anonymous said...

I'd do some skinny jeans, flats, and a wild shirt for the concert, a simple dress and heels for the seminars, kicked up with some eye-catching jewelry, and a printed full skirt and shrunken cardigan for graduation. Have fun, girl!

Amy said...

Mmmm nerdy boys...ahem.

You'd defintely need a chic and gigantic bag for notebook/camera/random stuff during the day, adorable and also wearable shoes, and a funky watch so you're never late....after that you can wear just about anything...

I rather like this Fred Flare bowling bag for a tote ($60):

Outfit ideas:

Concert: knee length flat leather or suede boots, a funky drapey jersey dress is a flattering color, a bit like this from UO ($48) though I was thinking more twisty and asymmetrical:

add funky jewelry of your choice and some kind of messy updo with a casual scarf/ribbon headwrap thing going on.

Seminar day:
Colored or printed pencil skirt, soft drapey sweater in a neutral color, a short pendant with a subtle quirk to it, and shiny flats with coordinating tights (I like these flats from anthropologie a lot ($198 sadly)

For the party that night, you could switch out the tights & flats for pretty heels, and the sweater for an off the shoulder top?

Graduation ceremony: something of your own design of course....!

la petite fashionista said...

Hey Amber!
I'm lauren (aka la petite fashionista). It sounds like you're as excited for fashion u as i am! It's going to be an awesome experience.
As for what to wear..

I'm missing the first night unfortunately (dumb math professor!), but if i was attending i'd get something from the erin fetherston GO International Collection bc i believe they're doing a fashion show with her clothing.

As for Saturday, I'll probably wear a pair of wideleg jeans (with tucked in top) and flats (& keep a pair of heels in my bag to change into for the wrap party). And of course a big bag to keep a notebook/camera/etc.

Sunday, i'm planning on wearing a black satin-y dress with gray ribbed tights & a pair of black mary jane heels. I'd suggest something semi-dressy with cute accessories!

See you there!
xoxo, lauren

Dondasaurus Rex said...

i have no outfit idea but i do have a potenial lawsuit for you. Glamour magazine totally ripped off FMFFI idea (i'm sure there's an F incorrectly placed somewhere). Sue their pants off. Then wear their pants!

Cate said...

nerdy guys ARE the best

discotheque confusion said...

Great post, some people ahve had some really great ideas.

I completely agree about just being yourself, while people will be interested to check out what everyone else is wearing, their number one priority will be themselves so you shouldn't worry.

I think just avoid the "easy" look which is basically skinny jeans and pumps as anyone can dress like this. I think lots of layers to stay warm but looking cool is a good way to go. Knee high socks worn with a reliable but eyecatching dress, layered with scabby chic cardigans-perhaps cable knit. Perhaps a big beanie hat and heels too, but obviously they need to be comfortable. Perhaps you could mix it up with some old school trainers. I'm in love with my reebok freestyles, and they make a nice change from converse.

And remember to exude lots of confidence, theres no point in being the best dressed and not having the right personality to match!

Sounds like a great event, so hope you have fun, and looking forward to seeing the follow up post..

S xx

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