Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blogback Mountain

Sorry about the worst blogging week EVER. I applied for a writing job with the Onion News Network, which would only be the coolest job EVER (I really hope my potential employers aren't reading this and saying, "Why in god's name would we hire this girl? She's the most repetitive writer EVER"), and they gave me a week to write ten story ideas and a three-page script. Unfortunately, the fast and furious joke-writing required for that gig meant my humor reservoir was tapped by about 3 pm daily. Ah, to have the funny stamina of a twenty-year-old once again!

While watching the Republican debate, I did conjure up the creative juices to make this:

Fred Thompson is a dead ringer for the round-headed goomba from the Super Mario Brothers movie, is he not?? That de-evolution gun is a bitch. I think I like the goomba better.

Anyway, other bloggers were actually blogging this week, so let's focus on them:

The age old question: chic or heinous?

My creative area currently includes a rotting can of Starbucks double shot espresso (I don't even drink coffee so I don't know where in the hell that came from), a sad little check for eleven dollars, and a signed picture of Sinbad. God I need a hyacinth.

Note to self: Find American-made hair ties or wear hair down.

Tango Pirates and Absinthe just keeps getting better and better. Heather, you've been inducted into the elite group of my favorite blogs! Congrats! If I were nicer, I would send you a certificate of accomplishment and a gift card to Chili's.

I wear my leggings like this. Queen Michelle wears hers like this.

The hair I hung out with (see post below for explanation).

Speaking of hair...


maya said...

I met david beckham once in a tiny newsagent where there is only room for about 5 people so there I was squished up against this huge body guard type guy and looked behind him and standing there was david beckham and the guy actually was his bodyguard. The amazing luck of the story is that I was with a guy whos mum is friends with vicotria beckham and had the amazing experiance of being introduced to both of them very quickly and them actually asking me how i was and how school was going. I just kind of stood there with my mouth open.
I'm going to see the spicegirls when they come to london so thanks for the description because now I will know exactly what to expect.

Gala Darling said...

I love you Winona. A signed photo of Sinbad?! That is fucking SWEET!

Unknown said...

Oh my, I'd like to thank the Academy, and all the little people--am I crushing your faces too hard, little people? Well shut up, you're not getting paid to complain.* Anyway, if you wrote for the Onion, there would all my free time go!

*Oh yeah, I meant little people in the Hollywood-joke politically correct sense.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the gig--you'd be perfect!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Ack, those hair things...the hair ties, I mean.

Anonymous said...

i can totally see you as a writer for the onion!

Anonymous said...

omg. the fred thompson comparison is HIGHlarious. so funny. you are hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for Fred Thompson versus the goomba. I just sent it to a friend along with a note below. He will be delighted.

"I now bestow upon you pretty much the most horrifically awesome (and accurate) picture ever."

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