Sunday, December 06, 2009

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find of the Week!

These cards are so adorable they're giving me the urge to say "gosh," "golly," and "gee whiz!"

You know how some people get within a hundred feet of a baby or a kitten and start babbling nonsense words and making silly faces? They can't help themselves. And neither can I: show me a picture of a twee little notecard and I'll start squeaking out Leave It to Beaver catchphrases and waving my hands maniacally. Surely there's a scientific explanation for this.

p.s. "Gosh golly gee whiz galoshes!" is an excellent tongue twister.


Holly said...

so cute!!

Kim said...

By golly gosh, these are pretty. Too bad I never end up using cute notecards or address books or such, because that'd spoil them, and I just sit around looking at them for years.

Unknown said...

If I had a girl, I would buy her these boots :)

c said...

Love those galoshes!

I really like the awesome finds you highlight on your blog, I gave you an award here:

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