Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's chocha time! Don't Show-cha Your Chocha is the premiere destination on the internet for appallingly short hemlines and the tragic neglect of pants (and sometimes underwear, oh my!). If you're a new reader, please click here to read the very first DSYC post, and if you're a veteran of Operation Chocha Freedom, please read on, and stay vigilant!

Let's kick things off with a brazenly close call:

Says Devora: Oh man, she's not even trying to cross her legs! One wrong move and egads!

Sarah came across this picture of Mischa Barton lighting up a cigarette while lifting up her skirt hem:

In related news: "Mischa Chocha" is a great tongue twister.

Next up: Hermione, no!

Says Alicia: This makes me sad. I just think of her massive amount of fluffy hair in the first Harry Potter movie, and wonder if when she sits down, she gives a peek of "the curtains matching the drapes." Gross, I know, but that's how I think.

And Darcy found an even more incriminating shot:

She says: Emma Watson employs the famous "Awkward Tug" move to attempt to avoid showing everyone her Harry Potter.

Bridey was concerned about the "blatant promotion of chocha" going on over at a certain streetstyle photographer's blog. First there was this photo:

And then this quote: "The idea was this: forget to wear the bottom." Chocha propaganda, I tell you!

Fabulous reader Nikki sent in a London Fashion Week model who appears to be heeding that advice:

OK, let's see, we've got a bra, a trench coat, shoes...Yep, she forgot the bottom.

Michelle found a couple pics of Miley Cyrus, a repeat offender:

She says: Is it still wrong to show your chocha if you are at the ripe age of 17? I think so! At that age, your parent should not be allowing you to leave the house like this. But I guess it doesn't apply when said parent is also encouraging stripping on stage.

Speaking of repeat offenders, this picture of Sienna Miller has been featured before, but as the epitome of "Don't Show-cha Your Chocha," I feel it's prudent to post it again:

Says Liz: Frankly, I think she looks way too happy for someone that has obviously just had their trousers stolen.

Here's a picture from a Nylon party of someone who thought nylons can function as pants:

Says Lauren: Truly hideous all around, but WHY do leggings count as pants now?? Especially sheer ones! I don't get it.

Tiffany wanted to point out the dress on the left, but all of these outfits have their own chocha charm:

Here's my guess on this model's thought process, from left to right:

Pose #1: I have to physically hold down this dress to mantain my dignity. I hate my life.
Pose #2: Hey, this is kind of cute and an OK length. I look pretty cute. Go me!
Pose #3: Are you guys serious? Really? Because I'm not even gonna try with this one.
Pose #4: What time is lunch?

Brittany found an example of Vintage DSYC:

She adds that, in addition to the almost-shown chocha: This vintage advertisement is completely appalling on many levels, it's not lost on me.

Amy sent in this "Evil Monster Chocha!":

She says: It's not exactly Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, but it's certainly unsettling.

Elizabeth submitted another angle:

She says: It's one way to ensure you'll be left alone for a night out on the town...

And finally, let's all thank the lord for the strategic placement of these feathers:

Says Beth: I'm not sure words exist for this dress, but if they did, they'd go something like "Holy shit that woman bleached her merkin & then stapled it to the outside of her dress."

On that note, please check out this "merkin bag" that reader Jessica submitted. She thought it would be a perfect safeguard for potential chocha revealing situations, and I agree.

Spot a Don't Show-cha Your Chocha moment? Send it in! daddylikeyblog@gmail.com


Anna said...

Does anyone else think it looks like something is hanging between Sienna Miller's legs? I'm not sure I even want to think about it...

Siru said...

So funny! I hate to spam, but the last hours of my giveaway are going on! You still have time to try your luck!


juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

That first one made me guffaw. It looks like she's actually using her pink clutch as a chocha-indicator.

queenzelda said...

Wow, talk about vagina dentata!

Can I say, re vintage DYSC, while I don't dig the double entredre how refreshingling hourglass is sweater lady!

Redhead Fae said...

Frightening.. truly so, that monster. It's like a pregnant cave-toothed thing.
And the model with the "couldn't stop a pig in an alley" thighs at the end? Poor thing.

and I'm a nit-picker for metaphor, so it's
"The carpet matches the drapes."
Think about it ;) there, doesn't that make more sense?

Anonymous said...

I am actually... bizarrely smitten with the crocgina. Why? It is incredibly ugly. Why do I like ugly clothes.

Redhead Fae said...

The pregnant monster cave is scary enough to distract us from the chocha.

.. and since I'm a nit-picker for metaphor, it's "The carpet matches the drapes."
Doesn't that make more sense?

Fiona said...

Oh man, you brightened up my evening! Thanks :-)

Beth said...

I forgot I even sent you that one!!! It was just as scary the second time I saw it. Srsly? What.the.hell.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Oh lord, that Merkin bag almost made me spit Gin & Tonic all over my computer.

And yes, Anna, I was thinking the same thing about Sienna Miller. I think we *definitely* don't want to think about it.

Lisa said...

I had to LOL at so many of these. And btw, I think the evil monster chocha dress should only be worn by self-professed maneaters.

Tanya said...

I so look forward to every DSYC post. I almost laughed out loud while reading in class...whoops.

Michelle Schraudner said...

Both the Emma Watson comments were genius.

Caitlin said...

I showed my roommate the t-rex crotch and her reaction was as follows: "OH my gosh. It's like your vagina's talking!"

Stacey said...

LMAO @ "Holy shit that woman bleached her merkin & then stapled it to the outside of her dress."

Amazing. That is the funniest thing I've heard all day. It's almost funny enough to distract from the horror of the hungry croc-cha dress. Almost.

Redhead Fae said...

OH dear, sorry about the double post..
I'll have an Editor, please!


GLC said...

That Jade East is a triple hitter of offensive: racist, sexist, and lacking pants. That's pretty impressive in a terrible sort of way.

Also I really love DSYC. I even thought about submitting myself a few months ago but though better for it.

Bekah said...

micha chocha..micha chocha..hmm
sounds like something jar jar binx would say
also, miley looks like she's about to puke everywhere in the first picture of her ...pretty sad when even the wearer is that disgusted with the chochular coverage -or lack thereof

Terri said...

Yikes, I can't get the image of 11-year old Emma out of my head, so those 2 shots are just frightening. Any less hemline and she'll be showing off her Chamber Of Secrets.

Sorry, couldn't resist. Prolly went too far on that one.

Anyways, thanks for another hilarious chocha themed post!

Unknown said...

LOL! Just enjoying the show ;)

Emily said...

Geez, Miley!

OwlFace said...

the chick wearing tights as pants was on degrassi and is on the new 90210. let the jokes and puns commence!

also, miley cyrus makes me sadface.

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