Monday, December 07, 2009

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha! Or: You know you've got a problem when your skirt has a tail and that's not the main attraction.

And now it's time for this week's installment of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha! If you're just joining Daddy Likey, here's the scoop on DSYC: my ever-vigilant and always-clever readers send in examples of high hemlines gone awry, or shirts worn as dresses, or hats worn as dresses--get the picture? If you don't, no worries, this post is full of actual pictures, and I think by the end you'll have a good grasp of the concept. And on the bottom of your skirt. Like, seriously, hold that skirt down. I've seen way too much chocha today.

We'll start with a blurry but a goodie from Melissa:

She says: I was looking for an affordable but cute dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding. This is the first dress that was on Forever 21’s site under their “dressy” dresses. I own shirts longer than this.

This photo is giving me an anxiety attack:

Says Brande: There must be millimeters of fabric (or maybe just shadow) preserving her modesty. I'm guessing from her expression that she knows this, and that's why she's only on the brink of tears and not sobbing.

Stephanie found a few ruffly, bouncy, furry offenders (wow that sounds bad) lurking at fashion week:

Seriously, can you imagine trying to sit down in that thing?

Says Lisa: My mom always yelled at me when I put up one leg when I'm sitting on a chair. (She says it's un-ladylike) Now I understand why:

At least she's completely at ease, even if her lady bits are one angle-shift away from being exposed.

From my fabulous friend Ariel:

We can all learn a valuable lesson from this "dress"...Clearly a crossword puzzle does not offer enough chocha coverage.

This one made me laugh:

Says Emily: While I've seen some wacky clothes at fashion shows, this seem to be the first dress that's designed with a chocha hole. Perhaps this is the designers' answer to the fly in a man's pants?

Um, wow:

Says Julia: Not only does the colour of the leggings do its best to emulate human flesh, the pose the poor model has to strike makes the shadow on her thigh emulate a VERY strangely situated chocha....color me horrified.

Next two come courtesy of the lovely Leah:

She says: Reverse chocha?

And: You know you've got a problem when a skirt has a tail and that's not the main attraction.

I'm really hoping I see a glimpse of a pair of shorts under here:

Says Pea Jai: Things got so hectic during Fashion Week, this model forgot to put on pants! True story.

From Rachel:

This photo is from a streestyle site, and the outfit breakdown includes shirt, bag, and shoes. Something is missing, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Emily found this on Regretsy and sent it my way:

Thank you, Emily. Thank you so much. (Click to enlarge if you dare!)

Fiona sent in the these next two chochastic gems:

She says: This is a dress by Rita Liefhebber, who as a model turned designer should know that her model is actually crying for more fabric.

Kate forgot her pants but at least not her panties. (As far as we know)

And finally, super reader Meaghan bought a pair of Razzamatazz pantyhose at the supermarket just so she could bring them home and scan the image on the package for Don't Show-cha Your Chocha! Behold:

She says: I thought you'd love the expression on the model's face especially. The caption could read: 'It's the joy you get from knowing that your toes are reinforced even if your chocha's showing!'

In related news, Meaghan reports that Razzamatazz pantyhose are "quite nice, actually."

Thanks so much to all my amazing chocha spotters around the globe! (Do I need to make "Designated Chocha Spotter" t-shirts? Yes? Definitely? What about a full chocha spotter uniform? We could be like a UN peacekeeping mission!)

As always, feel free to send your finds to


Vanessa said...

I can't even imagine what it must feel like to put on a shirt and no pants and say "I AM READY TO FACE THE WORLD!" Like, I can't even fathom attempting that. As much as I shake my head at these poor lost souls, I envy their freedom.

WendyB said...

Are those flesh-colored AA leggings the same ones the ho-on-the-stroll fashion blogger was wearing? You know who I'm talking about!

Lisa said...

If reinforced toes and a strategic hem-pull are what it takes to make the model that jubilant, I think she needs her horizons broadened. Seriously. :P

Anonymous said...

What the HELL is that brown thing? I'm so confused.

Anonymous said...

The ones that perplex me the most are the images in which the model is actually PULLING DOWN her dress/top. How is that supposed to sell anything? "Buy this, and tug at it incessantly!"

mens casual jacket said...

That black dress in the first pic is absolutely gorgeous! I want it!

Audi said...

There definitely need to be uniforms! It would have a heavily-reinforced crotch area and a big circle with a slash through it right over the... oh, you know where.

Terri said...

That top picture looks like it was trying to censor itself and then froze halfway through.

Courtney said...

Ooo! You should make the shirt tunic length, and the bottom hem should read...

*arrow pointed down* Notice! *arrow pointed down* This shirt is not to be worn as a dress. *arrow pointed down*


Giselle said...

another great chocha post! lol. but do not make t-shirts is a spanish word and it would look like one of those perverted "FBI:Federal Body Inspector shirts" haha

Megan Aney said...

hahaha so good.

J.Rose said...

"regretsy" is an apt name for that piece. (i can't quite call it a dress, and apparently it's not a shirt (?!) so "piece" it remains...) you know how you'd feel if you were wearing it

Chocoholic said...

Yay, you used my submission, even though it is blurry. I'm always on the lookout for instances to send here as Winona is the unofficial Internet Chocha Spotter.

The Spicers said...

If I had legs like Chanel Iman I'd never wear pants!

Anonymous said...

The colorful feathery top thing looks like the mome raths from Alice in Wonderland!

Unknown said...

Does anyone know that Razzamatazz stockings are running a Next Girl modelling competition at the moment? My daughter (Chibbi) is in the top 25

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