Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sponsor Spotlight

I'm so pleased to welcome Bella Fiore, a fun hair accessories Etsy shop run by Jamie Butler-Tacker, as a new Daddy Likey sponsor. I wore a gorgeous custom-made headband to my book launch party in Portland and have been smitten ever since (I said, "I like blue and black and peacock feathers and Jamie made me my new favorite headband).

Remember this hydrangea design from an Awesome Affordable Etsy Find post awhile back? Yeah, still love it.

Jamie's designs are fun, flattering, and comfy (no headband headaches!), and her price points are realistic --even the shockingly ornate designs are less than $40, most items in the shop are closer to $20, with tons of options around 10 bucks, too.

Please check out her wide selection of pretty things (161 pretty things, to be exact), and tell her Daddy Likey sent you!

p.s. Tuesday Top 5 post coming later today!


Unknown said...

I like the red hydrangea one.

Rebekah said...

Can a headband save me from hat-head?

Can it save me from hat-head AND this damn-is-it-ever-hard-to-grow-out-a-buzzcut hairstyle?

There's only one way to be sure.

willies_spots said...

headbands make all hair look great!! i even have some cool skull caps with flowers too :)

thanks winona for the great write up! already sold 2 to a woman from ireland because of this post!

Mabel and Zora said...

Your new favorite necklace is really cute. Wesold another one of your books! Cheers!

Monisha said...

Im a black woman, yo bitch dont take our style and cop it a s this white, shit i cant spell like a blc but yuo bithc

Julibean said...

just popping by to tell you that you are gorgeous and fabulous and make my finals week of the first semester of law school slightly less horrific...soooo thanks!

Dejana • shopsterium.com said...

Oh wow, these are gorgeous!

I really like your blog!

I recently started blogging about fashion in Toronto, come visit and follow if you like. Thanks for your support!


millie said...

LOVE Jamie's headbands! I own five and let me tell you it's non-stop compliments every time I wear one!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful headbands!

I thought I should point out that the name of the Etsy shop, "Bella Fiore" is incorrect Italian. The word "fiore" is masculine and the adjective "bella" should match, thereby making the correct phrase "Bello Fiore"

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