Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Blogback Mountain

I haven't done a link roundup in FOREVER. Well, here are some very overdue but still super fabulous posts to check out:

Wendy B teaches us to grow our own vintage right in the closet--like magic! And it's legal!

Apparently I've become a woman, because I'm thinking about buying my first umbrella. These are pretty darn cute.

Apocalypstick Now gets serious (well, sort of) about eye creams.

Usually thumb tack + shoe = unbearable pain + tetanus shot, but Annie Spandex's version just equals MEGA CUTE.

Loving Clare's post about the community created around a fashion blog.

I could look at these pictures all day.

The inimitable Audi shares her wise and practical Thrifting Philosophy.

Wear Everything All the Time. Hell yeah!

The love of my life, Sarah VB, has been bringin' it with her blogging skills lately. Here's her fantastic tips for saving up for big ticket items. And here's a cute and inspiring lil' post about the definition of happiness. And then she went and wrote a fabulous guest post about Dolly Parton style. Rock on, Sarah!

Funny and true.

Speaking Dr. Martens (see my post from earlier today), Marie looks simply gorgeous in her pink floral pair, and if they've turned her feet to bloody stumps, she's not letting on.

My favorite Gala Darling outfit ever in history. So perfect.

Thomas W.'s comprehensive guide to shopping and eating in Vancouver makes me yearn to get in the car and go eat Belgian Waffles with him. I mean, I want to do that all the time. But after reading that? I YEARN.

Amber from Painfully Hip is the new About.com budget style blogger! Please check out her new site and show her some love.

BREAKING NEWS: Queen Michelle looks gorgeous and chic. Oh wait, that's not breaking news. That's from yesterday and, like, every day before that. But still! She looks amazing!

And finally:


chelsea said...

Thanks for the link, Winona dear!!:)

Sarah Von Bargen said...

Thanks for the nod, lovah! Also: Gala's outfit *was* perfection, wasn't it?

C said...

Aw, thanks love!

sara said...

i'll make you a garbage bag. just lemme go to costco and get a hefty and some ribbon and we're set. also, you missed my deadline for signing up for a valentine. i'm disappointed in you.

WendyB said...

Remember, it's not good to over-water your vintage!

Annie Spandex said...

Thank you so much, Winona! :D xx

neighbourhood.gal said...

I'm in Vancouver, too. Love this town! (And I grew up in the burbs of yours!)

TheSundayBest said...

I'm hoping to get down to Victoria between now and the wedding to get a suit made a Dutchess Clothier. Unfortunately the whole economy exploding thing kind of ruined that. But if I do, we are soooo meeting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, beautiful!!

Nana Erin said...

I want to make those thumb tack shoes RIGHTTHISSECOND. But I have to find shoes first. Amazing.

E said...

ha ha ha girl you are my favorite comedienne!

amber at painfullyhip said...

You are the sweetest thing since that baby bunny puked up its cotton candy. I love you. Thanks!

Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Lawyer said...

LOL, LV plastic looking bags... new fail. That looks awful... and I'm beginning to see a garbage bag now. Oh lord.

Marie said...

Thanks for the shoutout my boo!! The docs are pretty comfy now that they have been broken in but it is a little awkward to wear them 'cause I'm used to heels! You should get the turquoise ones so we can be TWINSIES!

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