Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for this week's installment of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha! If you're new to Daddy Likey (welcome!), click here for a glimpse into DSYC's humble beginnings. And if you're a seasoned chocha watcher (give it time, you'll get there), then read on, sister, read on...

File this under "Cartoon Mice Gone Bad:"

Says Brittany: I felt this was something that needed to be brought to youir attention immediately, since you can actually SEE HER CHOCHA.

Reader Jessica thought this model seemed confused and slightly pissed off (and I agree):

She says: This website has some great chocha shots. Best I can figure, they sell frilly fancy underwear--the skirts are meant to frame them, maybe??

Oh, Scary Spice:

Says Sam: It is apparent from her flattened hair and runny eye makeup that Scary Spice got herself caught in a freak downpour, which thus necessitated her removing the bottom half of her outfit so as to air-dry her chocha.

The lovely Elissa sent this one in:

She says: Here is a chocha in danger of imminent exposure. Pretty dress, just requires leggings for reals.

So, yeah, apparently we need to go over the whole shirt vs. dress thing again:

Says Nicole: It appears chocha-baring has moved off Kate Moss and the runway and be now be found at your local Wal-Mart.

Speaking of which:

This is a shirt. Like, I've seen it at stores on the racks marked "shirts." It might go nicely with some pants.

Becca, a self-proclaimed novice chocha hunter, turned in 3 outstanding/terrifying examples:

Dude, battling zombie monks is hard enough when you're wearing pants.

Found on Facehunter (chocha hunter?) by my dear friend Thomas W:

His theory: Apparently SE Asia didn't get the chocha memo.

From Laurel:

The eternal question: In what universe is this a "dress"?

My friend Sara sent me this picture on Facebook:

Wow. Read more about it over at Oddly Enough!

Here's a classic:

Says Alexandra: I'm glad they cropped out the poor model's eyes to conceal her identity.

From Isabel:

She says: Do the double-C's stand for cooch?

Here's a proud chocha shower sent to me on Twitter by the lovely Eliza:

The website says to pair this with skinny jeans or pencil skirts, but they seem to be disrgarding their own advice here.

Mary sent in the following three Etsy finds plus great commentary:

I think there's a reason that this "babydoll dress" should NOT be worn by adults.

This model has her arms raised in question: "Why is all of the material at the neckline instead of covering my chocha?"

It says that this is a shirt, but then it also says it's a mini dress. If nude tights need to be worn to cover chocha because the "dress" in question makes no attempt at modesty, is it REALLY still a dress? Or just a shirt?

Now that's a philosophical question right there: If a shirt is called a dress, but it doesn't cover your chocha, is it still a dress? Suck it, Socrates.

Aaaaaaand I'll end on that note.

Found a chocha? Send it my way!


Kira said...

So awesome, as always!

Stacey said...

Oh nooooo, People of Walmart. That website disturbs me so badly.

blukats said...

Oh, does anyone know if Karl is okay with Chocha showing?

Alecca Rox said...

haha... this post made my day:)
some things are better left to the imagination. Then again we'd have nothing to talk about now.

Alecca Rox said...

haha... this post made my day:)
some things are better left to the imagination. then again we'd have nothing to talk about now!

echidna girl said...

Wow - back after a long absence to a fabulous range of eye watering interesting photos to say the least.

Not sure if I'm traumatised or not. I'm absoluting certain several of those people in the zombie monks photo need a serious trip to the Casualty Unit.

Missed you! Looking forward to scrolling back through what I've been missing in DL later this morning.

Nicole said...

Nooooo my typo in my email to Winona has been immortalized forever! My shame! My lasting shame!

WendyB said...

I can't stop staring at the Wal-Mart one. Like a horrible car wreck.

Unknown said...

I think clothing companies are calling tunic shirts "dresses" so that they can get away with charging more for them.
Seriously, just look at the Urban Outfitters website. Perhaps $68 is reasonable for a dress, but come on, half of those are tank tops (and polyester no less).

Renee said...

The green peacock shirt in the second photo is quite lovely. Enough that my reaction to that photo was "Oooh pretty shirt!" Then, a couple extra inches and the skirt would be cute too. Shameful. Still want to know where that shirt came from...

And ugh Walmart.

Lindsay P said...

Oh god. I have a "dress" similar to the baby doll dress. I am a chocha-offender..

Not really sure how I feel about that.

Vanessa said...

What a lovely assortment of chochas.

iliketweet said...

Oh dear, they are all over the shop!

Come by and say hello sometime :)



biotechnology said...

Cute mice outfit :D

Kate said...

I kiiiiind of wish I hadn't seen those chochazombiemonks with the scary bedtime, I will be watching a movie prominently featuring pants- to ward off chocha nightmares. Thanks for the heads-up though:)


seesaw said...


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