Monday, October 13, 2008

Photo Journal

My dad and youngest brother were in town this weekend, so we went and did predictable tourist-y things, visited a hilarious east coast sect of our family, discussed the benefits of house centipedes, and saw Greg Giraldo buying Haggen Dazs at the Lincoln Memorial. Not bad.

LOOK! It's the Washington Monument! Again!

Tall little bro and me.

Stunning architecture NEVER GETS OLD.

Yes, that would be Greg Giraldo walking away from an ice cream vendor.

Yes, that would be a tiger.

My dad ordered the special: "Two mini filets." And they were indeed mini.

Beautiful Ellicott City, Maryland!

Beautiful cousin in her beautiful new hat! (And me in an old one I found on her dresser.)

Brother in an alley!

My dad: "I HATE PEACE SIGNS." Me: "Umm...sorry?"

More beautiful cousins!

My dad spent most every night delivering rousing lectures about the myriad benefits of house centipedes (if you don't know what a house centipede is, please click here to learn, and if you don't know what kind of person spends every night delivering rousing lectures about house centipedes, please click here to learn). We declared October House Centipede Awareness Month:

Please feel free to participate.

And finally, my crowning achievement of the weekend--a vintage clutch I found in a Maryland antique store, made from the satin love letters sent to World War II soldiers:

I'm in love.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend too! Stay tuned for an epic Halloween contest!


WendyB said...

Satin love letters? How beautiful!

Dorkys Ramos said...

I'd never heard of satin love letters before, but they look so sweet! And those filets are Teeny!! Great pics :)

Kelly said...

I had no idea what those bugs were! I get one crawling up my drain every couple months. Ew. I usually boil water and scald them with it because I am heartless and creeped out by them.

DC looks good on you!

Noël said...

I love your blog; it's always cracks me up- yadda yadda. However, MOST CRUCIAL INFO needed! I lived in this old house with millions, millions of house centipedes. Please, I beseech you, tell me of the myriad of benefits those things grant upon their human roommates. I must know!

Anonymous said...

I love that butterfly necklace you're wearing, really cute. Sent you an email;)

daddylikeyblog said...

I totally understand! They're so scary looking, and in fact, my dramatic killing of one was the impetus for House Centipede Awareness Month!

Hold that thought, and I'll have my dad write up his lecture and post it here. The world definitely needs to know this crucial information.

Marie A said...

I was eating lunch and made the mistake of clicking on the house centipede link. I expected it to be a written explanation. I didn't wait for the rest of the picture to load, as I still wanted my lunch.

Anonymous said...

Love that clutch *and* your butterfly necklace.

Anonymous said...

I want that ourse so much, ahhh amazing! also, house centipede, he's cute!

Anonymous said...

er I mean PURSE not ourse, what the hells an ourse? haha

Robin said...

That clutch is completely, mindbendingly amazing

Anonymous said...

OK, those centipedes are USEFUL? I am eagerly awaiting the guest post from Winona's Dad. My hubby and I both get serious heebie jeebies offa those dudes whenever we see them skittering around in the basement.

Joy Barr said...

oh, that clutch is gorgeous! what a find! what a treasure!

Kim said...

It's already been said many times, but I have to concur: That clutch is the score of the century - beautiful!
Also, does perfect skin run in your family? Because damn!

Anonymous said...

OMFG I wish I never clicked on that link for the house centipede. That thing is going to be in my nightmares! I don't think we have them in NZ, I've never seen one or heard of them before.

Katy said...

You just have the best luck in vintage clutches - first the envelope one, now this! (Even though the envelope isn't technically a clutch. Whatever.)

Beth said...

That house centipede freaked me the fuck out. I'm now desperately Googling to make sure they don't live in the UK. The answer to this may mean I never sleep again.

Also, that clutch is so incredibly awesome I almost cannot breathe.

*~Dani~* said...

I should never have clicked on that centipede link. I knew better. Now I am lost in horrible memories from my youth that I will have to blog about tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I must protest this love for house centipedes. I had a three-inch one in my kitchen sink once and literally went into HYSTERICS. (I really cannot overemphasize how upset I was, so I will now provide some synonyms for hysterical which further describe my emotional state at the time: berserk, crazed, distraught, frantic, overwrought, raving.) I had to call my uncle to come over to my apartment at 10 pm on a Saturday night. For the LOVE OF GOD Winona, please do not post pictures when you put up your dad's lecture. I would be forced to boycott your blog...although that really hurts me more than you since I enjoy reading it, so I'll stick with my Pathetic Appeal. PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

holy moly, WE have house centipedes and my boyfriend is always saying, "ah ah ah!! house centipede or spiders! take your pick!" when i flip my shit.
also, i'm in LOVE with your clutch, your brothers are adorable, i like your peace sign, and your cousins are as pretty as can be. stay on the east coast forever, love, cate.

Heather said...

Oh how I hate those damn bugs! I get them all the time and the ONLY consolation I have is that they are almost always in the kitchen or bathroom so they're pretty easy to, um, KILL. I'd love to know the reasoning for keeping them around because they creep me out in a big way. Nothing like stepping into a nice warm shower without your glasses on and looking at the wall and AAAAIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE getting out of that shower at super-human speed. Now I always look....

Anonymous said...

I live in a basement. I hate creepy crawly things. =O

TheSundayBest said...

Are those just silverfish? I thought they just ate cardboard.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, holy crap crap crap. I didn't expect a huge picture either and I actually felt the blood rush into my ears in preparation for escape.

caroline duke said...

on house centipedes:

you definitely haven't made it living on your own if you haven't lived on your own with those muthafuckas. i've had so many encounters, i'm embarrassed to say i don't even scared anymore. i just get mean.

echidna girl said...

Yeah, those little guys can run pretty fast, eh?

Fabulous necklace - it's such a beautiful, vibrant color and goes so well with that shirt you're wearing.

Peajai said...

OMG Winona! I had never seen or heard of a house centipede before I moved into my 1903 townhouse 4 years ago. Those things are terrifying. The only benefit I can think of is that they have made me not afraid of spiders anymore. I sigh with relief at the sight of a spider, at least it's not a house centipede! Whenever I encounter one, it's blood-curdling scream, broom, bleach and bolt (not necessarily in that order).

Angela said...

i lived in boston for a number of years, always regreted not visiting dc and other interesting states. : (

Anonymous said...

I LOVE downtown Ellicot City! I don't know if you saw it, but there's this awesome store called Discovery with the most gorgeous dresses... And then there's this trippy little store across the street with three floors of the most random stuff you've ever seen. It's fantastic.

Winnie said...

Awesome photos! I don't like the idea of house centipedes! Sometimes a huge spider will appear out of nowhere in our house and I resort to higher ground!

Anonymous said...

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