Monday, January 12, 2009

Blogback Mountain

21 Ways to Be Tough, Yet Feminine, by a badass women's roller derby league.

Christine over at FutureLint throws down that Minneapolis is better than Portland. Oh yeah, Christine? Oh yeah? Let's take this outside! (Once the weather warms up, of course...shall we set a date for early spring?)

Speaking of throwdowns, our adorable little Susie rocks this amazing dress about a million times better than the runway model. Work it, Bubble!

Dear friends, if you do not make me a customized jeweled headband topped with a lace bird nest, we might no longer be friends.

This is hilarious.

Bahahaha have you seen this sneezing panda? Watch this video three times a day for a better life.

What to do with a free Saturday in Washington DC (if you're not into monuments).

Open up a high-end fashion magazine these days, and you're sure to see at least one awkward article where the writer disguised herself as a normal person and went shopping for clothes at Target and actually found a kind of cute tanktop which was exciting but of course she didn't buy it because, umm, gross. THIS IS SO ANNOYING. WendyB has more, plus insights from Ice-T.

My little bro is using his videogame blog to promote a good cause, so check it out!

Anyone could pull off this look, right? Right? No? It must be the red lipstick.

Web Time Wasters. Just what I need...

In your best Colin Firth voice, tell your eyelashes, "I like you, very much. Just as you are."

I tried to pick one post to link to from Apocalypstick Now, but I couldn't. They're all too good. If you're not reading it yet, please, go NOW.


WendyB said...

I just looked at Apocalypstick Now and think I MUST have that tweezer of death. Look at the points on that thing. I'll be plucking hairs that haven't even dreamed of growing in yet.

Lisa said...

Hehe I forwarded Emi's "Dear Acne" post to my friend Mark, who'd bought jeans from The Jean Shop that needed breaking in to not feel supertight. (He's got at least a couple more months to go since it's raw denim.)

Rhiannon said...

Will you please working on posting every single day?

(just kidding!)

Anonymous said...

Merci Merci....

Sarah Von Bargen said...

Thanks for the nod, internet BFF! Also: I am in love with Apocalipstick. And want to know more about her! Why is she so mysteriouso?!

Anonymous said...

OK, so not only are you giving me some bloggy love, but you're doing so via a Bridget Jones/Colin Firth reference? Let's get married.

Anonymous said...

FYI - Your new Daddy Likey photo is complete gorgeousness! I'm just sayin'...

Catherine said...

Thank you for another shout-out, Winona! So, when are you moving to DC? Do you think I'm kidding? I'm not. WE MISS YOU.


PS: Love your new picture. Pretty!

FutureLint said...

Thanks for throwing me on your heap of blogs! Although, it is -15 degrees out today (-36 with the windchill), so I am feeling a little numb to the charms of Minneapolis. If I ever take the train out to Portland (which I've been dreaming of doing), you'll be the first to know!

Anonymous said...

Wow Winona,
Lots of tasty links in this post!
Apocalypstic Now = Best. Blog name. Ever.

Here's another one you might like, considering our mutual fascination with school dances. And the 90's:


Unknown said...

lol. Fab list!

Apocalypstick said...


la petite fashionista said...

i love that your brother is a fellow blogger:)

always love your link selection for some new reading!

Anonymous said...

Dude, it's totally the red lipstick.

echidna girl said...

Her web time wasters led me to the Ronald Chevalier page. I have now watch those videos 6 times and sent the link to 8 friends. Jemaine Clement = Supreme awesomeness.

Mortician Rachel said...

I absolutely loved the headband. What a beautiful thing to wear, and so quirky. I want to wear one like that every day.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl. I just bought a super cute headband at Target today, only to try it on in front of a mirror after I got home, and realize that I totally can't pull off this look. It's a skinny black headband with a black & white tulle puff on the side. I love it... but I think I might have just crossed over the age-limit line for such an accessory or something. You want it??

daisybabie said...

gorgeous new profile pic!
the sneezing panda made me jump and then burst out laughing! great linkage, missy! ...sorry, dunno why that sounds like a pick-up line

Anonymous said...

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