Thursday, January 29, 2009

Five Men's Fashion First Impressions (with possible apologies to Romanians)

That's right, it is time once again for Five Men's Fashion First Impressions! (Please click here if you're new to Daddy Likey and don't know what in tarnation I'm talking about.) Today's fashion item was sent to me by my friend Sara, and, well, here it is:

What's that you say? You want a supremely creepy closeup? No problem:

Let's see what the guys have to say, shall we?

Father: What's wrong with those? I have several pairs of underwear that look like that.

Boyfriend: They look really comfortable. I really want to wear them. I have nothing bad to say.

Brother, age 19: Prevent camel toe with these loose-fitting pants! Oh wait, they're just a big vagina.

Brother, age 13: Lots of crotch space. It seems like something you could unfold into a tent on a desert island. More fabric than it actually needs. A waste.

Brother, age 21: Every Romanian I have ever met wears these exact pants. I think this is what Romanians wear.

Can any Romanians speak to this?


Anonymous said...

lol yaaaaaayyy i love these men!

Larissa said...

The great thing about these pants are that when you're wearing them you don't need to carry a bag, just stash your stuff in the super huge crotch!


Siru said...

You made my day!

juliet xxx

Vanessa said...

I love that your brother says it as if he meets Romanians fairly often. I, on the other hand, have never met one. Oregon must be an interesting place if it's full of Romanians wearing vagina capris.

Anonymous said...

I dunno about Romania, but scarily baggy pants were pretty popular here in France last summer *shudders*.

Yes that's right, people do actually wear these things, I tried to refrain from staring and laughing but it's so damn hard!

Anonymous said...

I now know WAY more about your dad than I wanted to.

Everything Is Better Tinted Purple said...

We went to Romania last fall and can safely say I did NOT see "Hammer Leggings" on anyone. :) However, in Paris last summer it was a whole other situation. These are truly alive and well in the City of Lights. And as scary as they might be in a photo, they are twice as bad up close and in person!

Miss Elle said...

Don't Showcha your (scary huge) Chocha!

echidna girl said...

If you flip the top photo upside down it look to me like a a marshmellow bunny Peep that's been on the shelf at Rite Aide since Easter 2002.

Anonymous said...

"Oregon must be an interesting place if it's full of Romanians wearing vagina capris."

I think that is the most bizarre sentence I have ever read. It's phrases like this that make "Inadvertantly Ask Daddy Likey" so entertaining...

TheSundayBest said...

It's just...a giant...vagina?"

Is vagina just the funniest work in the English language? It has to be close, right?

For the love of god may drop-crotch go the way of...all the other bad things.

Scott Nichols said...

maybe those are tranny pants... that's what I would wear if i was trying to hide something ;-)

Or another point of view would be to use them after a long bike/horse ride and you have some major chafeage and just need a break...

Catherine said...

Those pants conjure up clown images for me. And that is a bad, BAD thing.

Lisa Nakamura said...

I'm not surprised that the men liked them, since they value function over anything else. Men really liked the jeans of the 90s, that were super loose and baggy, because men are always on the lookout for more real estate for their junk. My husband bought some more modern jeans at Zara, and commented on how they were much less comfortable because they left less room for his package. He tried on a pair that he rejected because he felt his package was on too much display. They like their junk to be concealed and to roam free.

Unknown said...

I am so glad that I have not seen them here in Connecticut.
My brother-in-law is Romanian and I can vow that neither him nor any of his friends that have come over here from Romania wear those pants... :)
They are actually very style conscience.

Katy said...

ROFL. I live in NYC and the only person I ever met with a stereotypical NY accent was Romanian.

Kristina said...

"Oregon must be an interesting place if it's full of Romanians wearing vagina capris"

Now I HAVE to visit Oregon.

Lisa said...

Brother, age 19, cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Are these the HAMMER PANTS of the new millenium??? They are so so so bad.

G. said...

"They like their junk to be concealed and to roam free."

I think it is safe to say that you have the best group of readers/commenters EVER.

Anonymous said...

hipsterrunoff is always making fun of these, calling them "oops i crapped my pants" pants. i love it.

Tricia said...

the men in your family have just discovered the inspiration behind these - old, saggy long johns meet Romania.

Bekah said...

haha as some other people said, I've seen them in Europe.
I went there last March and they were in some of the shops and I was like...DEAR GOD! LONDON, PARIS..BOTH FASHION CAPITALS! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!!

Dreampuff said...

"oops i crapped myself pants"

Holly Moore said...

Oh my gosh, you are so funny! I was randomly looking for some suggestions on where to find clothes like j.crew and I found your blog about j.crew prices. I laughed soo hard! I remember 7 years ago when I found a skirt and pair of shoes (both on sale and strangely still in style today) for 20 bucks each! I was so excited. Now it's one of those catalogs that I look wistfully through thinking of the good old days when I actually could entertain the thought of buying something. Anyhow, thanks for the laugh. You are hilarious!

Robo said...

LOL I love this segment of the blog. Actually, that's what shalwars look like, but of course without the legging bottom half. Shalwars are the pants part of Indian/Pakistani two-piece outfits. I've got lots of those lying around haha

Anonymous said...

these are so WEIRD. why on earth would anyone ever wear those???

Anonymous said...

I am from Romania and I can assure you that Romanians don't wear this kind of pants. They appeared last summer in stores but the trend wasn't succesful at all. This are inspired by Turkish shalvars and Turkish culture, but not even people in Turkey wear them this days.
How did your brother get to the conclusion that Romanians wear them?

Reena Rai said...

Absolutely hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

how come the romanian guy became the butt of all jokes? Is he some sort of retarted person?
That's because I'm romanian, and I haven't met a lot of people that know where and what are we...let alone what we wear.
hihi..but I was tempted to buy something exactly like that.I have 2 - the mellow version though...
My guy is not a fan of them.

Anonymous said...

Definitely romanians are wearing this pants. A saw a couple of them wearing that ones on the street.
Don't laugh, that's the truth!

Anonymous said...

Well, guys are known for their plain and simple sense of style; when they see something different from a dress or a top&skirt outfit they go nuts and stare at you thinking: "WHAT? WHERE? WHY?"
Your family's comments are funny, tough...:)
But now I have a question for you all commenters: why do I feel attract from this pants? It seems clue-less, I know...I especially like a "dress-suit" similar to this one...check out, the first photo, and tell me what you think about...I really like that outfit!

Kori said...

Random thought probably brought on by the fact that I am both exhausted and a bit weepy from a sad movie and thus have skewed judgement: I know these are big right now and I've seen them styled in ways I truly like, but I can't help but think it's like some overzealous mother on an anti-show-cha-ing your chocha brigade stitched these together. Somewhere her poor daughter is being teased mercilessly for sporting the ultimate chocha-cover-up while her classmates rock tight leggings.

Or something. Like I said, skewed judgement. I like what the 5 men said better.

Sara said...

okay, im not a man, but, first impressions

i dont like these pants. i do NOT need extra crotch space, thats just not the way my crotch area works. creating a saggy looking pile in that area is really not the kind of thing i want to go for.

p.s. i like the 5 mens opinion game, it's a good idea! x

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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thomaskruger281 said...

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