Thursday, January 08, 2009

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, Volume XVII

To make up for my blogging absence, I would like to present you with a warm, heaping serving of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, the popular feature in which the diligent army of Daddy Likey readers track down and turn in the high-hemmed fashion criminals who wander the streets (aka internet) leaving little or nothing to our imaginations. (Click here for the formal intro.)

Without further ado, our first flashin' felon:

Lovely reader Anna found this one, and says: I don't know if she's leaning back or if it's the angle of the photograph that makes me think "DANGER WILL ROBINSON!"

Next up, a chocha-exposing formalwear option from Heather:

She says: I found this while I was looking through pictures of wedding dresses, yes that's right wedding dresses, it was labelled under "ball gowns"!?!

Says Elin: What's great about this little chocha number is that after a long night of boozing at the bar, you can come home in a drunken stupor and not feel bad about plowing into bed and passing out without changing your clothes because, well, you were already wearing your nightie.

Angela says, I love your blog...but now I have become a straight woman looking for chochas! It happens. Here's one she found:

I've said it a hundred times, and I'll say it again: Thank god for panties!

Next, Nancy Drew and the case of the bejeweled crotch:

A reader emailed me this photo along with the note, I'll leave it up to you, to come to a conclusion. My conclusion? WHAT THE HELL.

From Emily: So I was trolling's NYC Fashion Week pictures, and midway through the Alexander Wang show, this picture pops up:

I actually saw this, clicked forward to the next image, then realized exactly what I had just witnessed and backtracked. Is it my imagination, or can you actually...see something?
Anyway, I thought you should be notified immediately.
Editor's note: I named this jpeg "Wang Chocha," which should bring an interesting new demographic to my readership.

Libby turned in frequent offender American Apparel for its creative interpretations of a mini skirt:

She says: This is a skirt, it's obviously a skirt, it's sold as a SKIRT. Wearing this as a high waisted skirt is already risking chocha exposal, (note the models clenched thighs!), but American Apparel, of the let's-sell-socks-by-advertising-a-girl-with-no-knickers-on, obviously trying to be versatile are also trying to sell this as a dress option:

Note it's shot from above because at normal eye level you're going to get more than an eyeful! SO feel free to wear this 'dress' if you're only going to be seen from above...

From Casey:

who adds: ...but the glasses make her look smarter.

Becca found a new incarnation of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha: Don't Show-cha Your Butt-cha Through a See-Through Dress-a:

She says: Eeek...this might be a new incarnation of your famous series. But really, i mean this brand is called "Jen's Pirate Booty"? Ick...

Kirsten points out this dress, which comes with an, ummm, revealing title:

This isn't quite a chocha show sort of dress, but it is called the "Gyna" dress. Maybe it's supposed to be pronounced like "Gina" but I can't help thinking Gyno and 'giner when I see the title.

Lovely Swedish reader Josefina has some insights about this photo:

I immediately thought of you and your commendable initiative when I found this presumably very cold young lady on a street style blog. The offender is a Swedish model and tv-personality, and the picture was taken during Stockholm Fashion Week, where she won the award for Best Dressed Woman. Even though she, as you can see, is barely dressed at all.

I received this urgent telegraph from a number of readers:

A sampling of reactions:

She's only 15! I don't understand why she couldn't even manage to pull on some leggings or tights. Flashing us some webbed crotch is better than panty crotch in my opinion.

And from Kim : When I saw this this morning on Go Fug Yourself, I knew you had to have it for your next Don't Show Your Chocha collection. The sad part is, this girl is only 15. Her name is Taylor Momsen but I don't know who she is. I'm frightened and may have to leave work for the rest of the day.

And finally, Taylor sent in this DSYC-themed t-shirt, which reads, ""With a shirt like this, who needs pants?"

Says Taylor: This is madness. It's not even a shirt disguised as a dress, this girl is just wearing no pants. Why is she so excited to be pantsless?

Send me your chocha finds, with or without witty commentary!


Katy said...

My god . . . hilarious and scary at the same time!

WendyB said...

I think you're going to have to spin off the Butt-cha into a whole new series.

Lesley Myrick said...

You kill me, Winona. Too much awesomeness in one post!

And good job, faithful readers who sent all these pics in! I've seen enough chocha (and wang, even) to keep me going for quite some time.

The Fashion Pinko said...

I know what the jeweled crotch is for. It's for drunken frat boys to find your fun bits more quickly. Duh. GROSS.

P.S. Why is Taylor Momsen scratching her crotch?

Anonymous said...

"Her name is Taylor Momsen but I don't know who she is."

She's a actress on the TV show Gossip Girl.

another hilarious post!

Anonymous said...

*AN actress, sorry.

Anonymous said...

HOLY MOLY i was featured on don't show-cha your chocha
life: complete

Anonymous said...

omg emily I am so curious as to which one you are!!

Ayah said...

that last girl is already (un)dressed to participate in this upcoming event! how fantastic.

Ian Brown said...

Perhaps the wedding gown has more skirt that snaps away for the honeymoon. Like breakaway pants but for consumating a marriage.

daddylikeyblog said...

Yes, we might have something with Butt-cha, although it's not nearly as catchy.

Fashion Pinko--
Oh my god I'm terrified that you're right! I can't say why Ms. Momsen is scratching her crotch though...

Emily and Anonymous--
You guys crack me up!

Hmm...excellent theory! Am I to assume that you will be taking part in this pantsless public extravaganza? How exciting!

Hahahaha that's gold!

Rural Felicity said...

I watched Leno last night and the music guest (Gaga or something like that) went WITHOUT pants or skirt. She was wearing pantyhose (ill-fitting ones at that) over her thong. Yes, you read that correctly, thong. Pantyhose OVER. And just a regular length, to the waist, shirt (not a regular shirt, though. It appeared to be of armor-material with plastic protuberances).

Anonymous said...

Oy. This might be the worst group of offenders yet. Actual panty peekings! Yoiks!

Rural Felicity said...

Okay, obviously she's a funky pop lady, but here's a url:


Kim said...

Yeah; made it to the chocha list! In the time since I sent that in, my sister informed me who Taylor is and told me I'm old and decrepit for not knowing. And now I've revealed my oldness to Daddy Likey fans. Great.
"Wang Chocha" almost made me spit my coffee.

hope505 said...

Awesome!!! Some brand new chocha for the new year! *hahaha!*

Lisa said...

LOL another hilarious installment!

Oh gawd, I can't believe that white "dress" qualifies as a wedding dress. I can just imagine what my conservative Chinese mother's reaction would be if I showed up wearing that on my wedding day: "Why would he marry you when you're giving it all away?"

Elise said...

...uhhh, I bought that tshirt featured in the last photo for my boyfriend last year...except he always wears pants with it and typically doesn't make that face while being photoed

Becca Leprechaun said...

Pantsless? Every girl in this post needs their Nan to give 'em a nice pair or tights or leggins, I guess we'll have to wait for next year's Christmas :(

Bekah said...

it keeps getting better and better
...I say that trying to sound as not-creepy as possible.
too bad, that aa skirt/dress/thing would be a really cute dress if it was longer

islander said...

i made it! i am famous!!

J said...

"Hello, my name is Gyna."

I think the last girl actually is wearing shorts or something. Something is on her right outer thigh. (My right)

Shannon said...

I wish I could have a bejewelled crotch.....

Thank you for another joyous episode.

Anonymous said...

panties save us.. so remember to wear that.. (^_^)

Dressed and Pressed said...

Oh. Dear. Just had a look at the Lady Gaga vid. It ain't right. Now way, no how. She should be singing: "I lost my skirt".

Anonymous said...

These crack me up (and gross me out) every time. BTW, Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl was also... Cindy Lou Who. Don't they teach those kids in Whoville the difference between a shirt and a dress?

Siru said...

I'm having so much fun right now! Your blog is so great!

juliet xxx

TheSundayBest said...

Obviously taking a photo of an offender on a cruise is vraiment creepy, but I saw many such examples all over the ship.

Anonymous said...

Oh Leigh...put it away...
And Lil Jenny.... I just didn't even know dresses came that short....

Annie Spandex said...

The diamond chocha wins the prize. Whoah

Jasmine Turner said...

Yay for no pants! I think we should embrace the chocha.

I love your blog, lady!

-- said...

this is great, made me laugh its so obvious and the quotes that you put along with t is just hilarious! ill definately email you when i find a little something =)

Miss D the Teacher said...

Taylor Momsen is Jenny from Gossip Girl. At least she has cool clothes in the show. By the looks of this we have a new Britney or Lindsay on our hands. Help us!

PS: I love your blog. It's so sarcastic and funny

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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