Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year, New (Old) Sunglasses!

I'm not sure if this is true around the country, but for some reason, a ranking Goodwill official in the Pacific Northwest apparently decided that the best place to stock the used sunglasses would be in a tiny wicker basket hidden on a random shelf in the expansive housewares section. So if you're on a hunt for vintage sunglasses and you go to Goodwill, you're in for a challenging obstacle course that includes jumping over children playing with loud toys, dodging falling hockey sticks, and avoiding the creepy guys that seem to accumulate toward the back of the store, sensually twisting the knobs of early 90's stereo systems.

Since I love vintage sunglasses almost as much as I love butterflies and miniature cheeseburgers, this Goodwill challenge is totally worth it, and I embark on a heroic search whenever I'm there. Usually my efforts are rewarded with a few broken spectacles and Ray-Ban knockoffs, but every once in awhile, I hit it big. Yesterday, for example.

I scored a pair of vintage Anne Klein for Rivieras, a giant polarized pair of tortoise shell aviators, and some plastic Spalding sports frames that are so 80s I can barely stand it--for 99 cents a piece! Considering the skyrocketing costs of EVERYTHING ELSE at Goodwill, I'd call this a successful shopping day indeed.

The Anne Kleins

The giant aviators, conveniently polarized so you can see me taking a picture of myself. Oops.

Plastic Spaldings, in shades of gray.

If you desire some rad vintage frames and have a few dollars, a few hours, massive resilience and possibly a bodyguard, I'd highly recommend checking out Goodwill's selection.


Lily said...

Nice shades, and word on the creepy guys.

sophie said...

Very cool. Very, very cool.

Suzi said...

Love the Spaldings! And the pic looks sweetly reminiscent of the cover of the Olsen's book Influence. Coincidence? :D

WendyB said...

I LOVE the self-portrait sunglass reflection. That looks kinda awesome.

VERONICA said...

Those Anne Kleins are so Dynasty. And you wear them with such attitude!

Mortician Rachel said...

These sunglasses are AMAZING. Oh Goodwill, you have redeemed yourself once more.

juznie said...

The Anne Kleins are a fabulous find! Can't wait to rifle through the sunglasses section now...

TINE said...

Love the Spaldings!!

echidna girl said...

The Anne Kleins give you a "preparing to jet to Brazil" look. Most excellent.

Anonymous said...

Such scores! I adore those aviators on you.

Siru said...

I love your collection.

juliet xxx

TheSundayBest said...

A few places round these here parts have started serving sliders, aka small hamburgers. It is a very welcome development.

Lisa said...

Nice finds!

Anonymous said...

Rad finds. & 'sensually twisting' should be the phrase of the day.

Bekah said...

as much as I love american apparel, their sunglasses are CRAZY expensive
my friend picked up a pair almost identical to an aa pair at good ol' value village (my own personal costume closet :D) and when I expressed my love for them, she said "OH YA THERE'S TONS LEFT THEY'RE IN A BUCKET BY THE CASH!"
and when I went, there were none left :(
so I'm very jealous of those sick shades

ps. don't you wish you were british (or is it australian?) so you could say sunnies?

FutureLint said...

I am obsessed with the vintage sunglasses baskets and have their locations memorized at most of the thrift stores I go to...

my top finds are these Anne Klein for Riviera ones...!

and these GIVENCHY ones...!

boo on you Winona, now I feel the urge to thrift!

Katy said...

You are the sunglasses queen! (Well, you and Queens Michelle/Marie.)

Annie Spandex said...

Such a score!!

Sunglasses Guy said...

You'd be surprised where you can find old sunglasses. I scooped a pair from the 80's off an uncle once and I was instantly pimpin', like Don Johnson pimpin.

hope505 said...

Great score on the shades!!!

Hey when can we have a new installment of "Don't show-cha your chocha"? It's been forrevvverrr....!
* : )

Margaux said...

Sweet glasses!

pretty said...

Wonderfully cool. I have a ridiculously small (but pretty, natch ;) ) face which would never support such awesome shades.

Oooh and also I wanted to let you know that your writing has too cracked me up many times, even though I don't comment often because I can't think of something suitably witty to say in response to your extraordinarily witty posts! xx

Sarah Edwina Rose said...

Wow great finds you have there!
And I rather like the reflection in the glasses, arty and interesting!

Anthea said...

Those are fab! I love the Anne Klein ones..congrats :)

Pret a Porter P said...

the last one reminds me of the olsens' influence book covers.

interesting creepy weird mental image of the stereo knob twister...

the heiress. said...

i've noticed this weird "put the sunglasses in the housewares department" in the goodwill superstore in portland, too. what the hey?

Anonymous said...

old goes famous at now.. (*_*)

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