Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dear Daddy Likey: Strapped for a Strapped Prom Dress

Dear Daddy Likey,

It seems like all "prom" dresses I like are strapless, and I don't do no straps. Perhaps it is because I am self conscious of my chest size, but whenever I dare strapless those two just seem to be too out of control and wild if you catch my drift.

When my school does prom it is a lot more clubby in that it is at a club and for the most part no one wears long floor length dresses.

I want something cute and vintage that is hip and formal enough but still fun. Like Katy Perry but more fabric?

Strapped for a Strapped Dress

Dear Strapped,

Searching for dress options for you, I had to wade through what seemed like thousands of dresses without a strap in sight, so I totally understand your frustration. I also understand your preference for straps: The few times in my life I've dared to go strapless I've been pulled over by the police and asked if I had a permit for those things (I don't). In addition, I once witnessed the tragic and rapid descent of a strapless top from my friend Carolyn's bosom in the middle of the dance floor of a seedy club called The Meat Market. Hopefully your prom will not be held at The Meat Market.

I found a few options for you that I think meet your parameters of cute, retro, Katy-Perry-esque prom dresses with straps; and priced around 50 bucks and under, for good measure:

Brooch polka dot halter formal, $39.99,
How cute and retro and fun is this one? Imagine it with high heels and a killer updo, and wow if you're not Katy Perry with more fabric and more style!

Floral belted dress, $46,
A little less conventional, a little less formal, but definitely gorgeous, hip, and accommodating of supportive undergarments.

Greta dress in stretch satin, $58.00,
Total. Bombshell. Love it. (Although if you'd like to look a little less bombshell-ish, you could put a cute lace camisole under that plunging neckline.)

Speaking of bombshell...

Shirred v-cut formal, $50.99,
I love the color and the flattering cut of this dress. Also comes in pink and black.

Sequin racerback dress, $35,
Cheap dresses with sequins are always a good choice because they leave shiny little trails indicating your whereabouts. If you were to get separated from your friends at The Meat Market, for example, they could just follow the trail of black sequins to the bathroom, where you would be hiding and praising Jesus that you decided to wear a dress with straps.

Also check out eBay, thrift shops, affordable vintage boutiques, and discount stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I swear you'll find some supercute dresses, straps included, and you'll be the belle of the ball!


Jaime said...

Ooooh I like the green one! And I'm so glad you're back to posting again! :) :)

Vanessa said...

The green and the green floral one are gorgeous! I had the same problem with prom back in the good old days (like two and three years ago) being a very well-bosomed girl with strapless dresses as practically the only option. I submitted to society's desire to make me wear a strapless bra (bad), but I've learned better now. Straps are my friends. They don't make me feel like I'm about to expose myself to the entire class of '07.

WendyB said...

I'm sure they're out of the budget, but if you want to admire some real '50s prom dresses, has a great selection that I love to browse.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I hope she goes for the floral belted dress. How fantastic would that be at a clubby prom?

meliasaurus said...

didn't love the first two, but the last dresses were too cute!

i wish i was going to prom :(

Katie said...

Adorable. And green is totally my colour... have to hunt some of these down! You could also have a look at - they have loads of cute stuff for inspiration.

Sara Darling said...

Another good source of vintage-like dresses that often have some shoulder cover/support is:

Caveat: I haven't purchased from them, despite years of oogling, but I do recall finding them through a good recommendation from a friend

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that blue wrap dress! I have also had somewhat of a straplessness issue, but despite this, I myself own a strapless dress from Ross. I may or may not have accidentally flashed somebody while wearing it, though.

Lisa said...

Great advice and cute picks! Haha I love the practicality of the sequin tip--I'll never look at a cheap sequined frock the same way again. :-)

Kelly said...

"Like Katy Perry but more fabric?"

ahahaha perfect description

the upper vest side said...

Stop Staring has great vintage inspired strapped dresses too. :)

Katy said...

The first option is a great one!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I love that blue wrap one. Those are foxy.

amanda said...

The floral belted one is fab for a clubby-prom!

Stop Staring! has some really gorgeous vintage-inspired dresses. I've been drooling over their frocks for months now.
Speaking of drool worthy garb, bless you for linking to pinupgirlclothing. Their dresses are sex on a stick. I may need a bib to browse their catalog.

Mishabelle said...

oh wow! these dresses are amazing!
i wished i had picked something like that for my prom, instead of going for a $500 strapless ball gown like every other girl in my grad class. definitely doesn't have much re-wearability.
i might just have to get a cocktail dress and pretend it's my prom again. :)

Amanda said...

Those dresses are really cute.

Stephanie said...

This post happened to voice my exact frustrations from the past month.

However, I will say that after a recent trip to Goodwill I walked away ecstatically with a VINTAGE NICOLE MILLER DRESS THAT IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR LIKE SIX BUCKS!

So have faith, my fellow well-endowed friends. There are perfect cheap dresses to be found with thick, bra-hiding straps.

echidna girl said...

I love that top blue one!

Anonymous said...

I have the middle dress in red. It is super-fit and super-comfy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! This is beyond helpful! Whatever dress I end up picking, I'll let you know!
xo no longer strapped :)

Anonymous said...

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