Thursday, April 02, 2009

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, Volume XVIII

That's right, it's finally time for another installment of the ever-popular, always classy Don't Show-cha Your Chocha! If you're just joining Daddy Likey, you can read the very first incarnation of DSYC right here to get the scoop, and if you're an old pro at this chocha business (I'm looking at you, WendyB), then read on, sister, read on.

First up, this sassy lil' (very lil') number sent in by Sophie:

She says: So for nearly $500, you get of fabric.

Here we have a classic case of crossed-legs-to-save-dignity:

Says the lovely Pea Jai: This is Keri Hilson on the red carpet for the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Looks like she may reveal her own carpet later in the show.

Poor Cindy wrote me an email saying, "Imagine my horror when an AOL link reads: "Latest Fashion Trend: No Pants". I cautiously click to reveal a headline which reads: "No Pants is the New Skinny Jean" and this picture:

Not quite a chocha, but we'll throw it in for good measure. Hopefully Cindy is receiving the therapy she needs.

Amanda discovered the elusive Holy Trinity of Chocha:

Don't stare directly into this picture. God knows what could happen.

Next, we have a couple runway chochas:

From the ever-vigilant Stephanie: This Sophia Koksalaki dress says, Behold! Chocha! (And I say, "GOOD GOD.")

And from the fabulous Jennine:

I was browsing through the shows, and noticed something from alexander mcqueen that might fit on dont showcha your chocha...

Oooop, wait, hold up, I'm getting word that reader Cal has sent us a CELINE DION CHOCHA EXCLUSIVE!

She reports: A friend of mine took this at a recent concert and when I saw it I immediately thought of "Don't show-cha your chocha." I would try to think of a witty comment about Celine showing that much but I'm too stunned by how proud of her chocha she looks to say anything

Here's a costume that might interest Ms. Dion:

Says Beth: And what's even better is that this dress can be yours for only $15! That's like, a week's worth of lattes. You know it's a worthwhile sacrifice.

In what may be my favorite chocha caption ever, Lindsay says:

I'm about to see this Disney-bot's Minnie Mouse.

This gem is from Claire:

I was innocently browsing the Urban Outfitter's website the other day, when I came across this image, and I knew the cocha police had to be alerted. This girl is wearing a shirt, and clearly trying not to expose everything in front of the photographer, although I think it's too late.

Reader Cori says: I never expected Liz Phair to don an outfit worthy of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha. And then Liz Phair proved her wrong:

It looks like Liz had two ways of dealing with her DSYC moment- starting with the sly leg cross, and if all else failed, side stepping behind that conveniently tall (or short) bar stool.

Here's an adorable vintage dress that is maybe supposed to be an adorable vintage shirt:

Says Joy: Her ankles are daintily crossed in an attempt to conceal the intense squeezing action; she is even gripping her waist to keep it all together!

And finally, Lana sent me an email titled, "This dress IS a chocha!" that contained the photo below*:

Her wise summation: Seriously, could any garment look more like a vulva than this? I DIDN'T THINK SO.

*Yes, I know the photo is blurry. I tried to fix it, but it's probably better this way.

Now, I want YOU to be vigilant in your online shopping journeys, and keep an eye out for any too-high-hemlines, shirts-worn-as-dresses, peekaboo-crotch-cut-outs, and maybe even garments that look like vulvas. Send them to me at and your find could be featured in an upcoming installment of DSYC! Put THAT on your resume and try not to get a job in this economy.

Can't get enough chocha? (Wow, that sentence should draw a good crowd to my blog...) Click here to waste some of your work day browsing the official DSYC archives!


genny said...

eeeeeekkkk i love the chocha lol!

Tara said...

Is it wrong to look forward to the chocha posts? Because I do. But feel kind of wrong admitting that.

Lesley Myrick said...

That vulva dress is pure magic. And by magic, I mean TERROR.

Unknown said...

i think my favourite is the Sophia Koksalaki runway cocha. Is she also sporting a camel toe? I don't actually want to know...

Lisa said...

This was both alarming and hilarious like the other DSYC installments.

jennine said...

hahhaha as always, just brilliant. i thought you forgot about the mcqueen... but the kokolaski, holy smoke.

Anonymous said...


kelsey said...

omg i love the vulva dress. I kind of want it :D

Bekah said...

noooo! not mcqueen!

Anonymous said...

At first I thought the fashion-runway FULL FRONTAL NUDITY was as bad as it could possibly get, and then Celine Dion showed up.

VERONICA said...

I think that last photo is just simply censoring itself, like how they pixellate the nipples on all of Dr. 90210's patients, or something.

WendyB said...

You can look at me if you like, but don't try to look at my chocha!

Anonymous said...

The model in the blue dress with the FULL ON CHOCA VIEW has a look on her face that says "And THIS is my life."

Maddy said...

I love these. :p They certainly brighten up a Friday literature class!

I've just started my own fashion blog and am hoping to focus on Melbourne (Aus) teen fashion and the sort.
Your blog is so great because you use humor and write like a modern Shakespeare.
have fun!

Laura V said...

There are, indeed, dresses that look MORE like chocha than that last one.

For example!

pretty said...

What can I say? Um:

1) Thank GOD for shadows
2) Praise the LORD that I am not a runway model.

Jennifer Nicole said...

I was only recently introduced to your blog, but this! It's priceless.

Thank God for shadows? In some of these pics, it's thank god for Photoshop.

Couture Carrie said...

Love all these dresses, and your post title is hysterical!

Trade links?


echidna girl said...

The penultimate entry is so adorable. If only it were 8 inches longer...

Rowena said...


Tricia said...

oh my god, those runway chochas! that's why god gave models nude thongs, ladies.

TheSundayBest said...

I think I was going into withdrawl. Also - this dress IS a chocha ftw.

I came across one a little while ago - must find and send to you.

Victoria said...

Dude, this is hilarious to the nth degree. Just the title alone speaks volumes.

Best part of the post: the Celine Dion chocha exclusive. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

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