Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blogback Mountain

Ambika is churning out cuteness and I love it.

Now this here is some damn good investigative reporting!

Gala Darling has some awesome tips on how to get the TSA to serenade you. (I'm guessing pink hair and metallic mouse ears help?)

My urban chickens article in this month's issue of Nat Geo got picked up by Boing Boing. LIFE DREAM COME TRUE.

Susie Bubble is totally rocking a wee little Amelia Earhart hat. She also rocks out an amazing interview here.

The simplest DIY project in the world.

The girls who write Academic Chic are so smart and pretty and stylish it makes me squeal with glee and plot ways to become BFF with them. Then I see how cute and clean their houses are and remind myself that I leave a trail of paper bits and sequins and Werthers Originals wrappers wherever I go and alas, it would never work out.

Sal kicks a few faulty fashion rules to the curb.

Then Laura kicks Glamour mag to the curb.

Liebemarlene says Southern thrifting kicks ass (in nicer words, of course, and yes, now I'm done with the "kicking" theme). I'm taking a trip to New Orleans next month so I'm loving any info about shopping down South. I'm also loving youtube clips of Guy Fieri eating Po' Boys, but that's beside the point.

This cracks me up.

And finally, the Stunning Sarah Von of Yes and Yes asked me to fill in for her while she's in Peru watching drunk men hit each other with wrenches (seriously!). Check out my guest post about the secret to becoming a chic French woman.


candace said...

I love that you can make even links entertaining to read!

AandV. said...

i loved the guest post :P

(woah i just had to type out a fricken crazy ass word to prove im not a computer does everyone have to do that or is my computer just like biased against me or determined to prove that im a robot or somethng?)

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on your Boing Boing fame! I missed that article, and will now go absorb its majesty.

Thanks, too, for the shout out, lady. You're the rockinest.

Academichic said...

Hey, thanks for the lovely shout out! And don't worry, our houses aren't all that clean, we just brush the debris aside for the pictures. ;) S.

echidna girl said...

Best Barbies ever.

ambika said...

Congrats on the Boing Boing linkage! It had to happen sooner or later (& should have happened with the very first Choca piece, really.)

& thank you for the link!

nina said...

For the New Orleans thing, there's this amazing store in the French Quarter. I don't know the name, but it's in a pink garage and one street down from the French market. It's on the same street as a store called Kruz (or maybe it's Kruz?) and a shoe store named Soul Star, which is worth a visit.
Sorry for the winded comment, but if you do see it, there's some very cool things in there. :]

do dah said...

on the topic of scarves: how do you pull off scarves if you happen to be the EXACT OPPOSITE of flat-chested? because... i decidedly have not found a way to make that work. and i want to.

Apocalypstick said...

Look what Winona wins!

Ondo Lady said...

What a great bunch of links. Is this a group you are part of or just a round up that you do on your own? Either I like it and I love your witty commentary.

Anonymous said...

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