Friday, April 17, 2009

Five Men's Fashion First Impressions: The Mouse House Scaffolding Shoe

Lovely reader Dana suggested I ask the Five Men what they thought of these Jessica Simpson cut-out wedges that have been pretty popular with fashion bloggers. (Click here if you're new to Daddy Likey and want some backstory, or here if you're just bored at work and want to read the complete Five Men archives.)

And so, with utmost respect to the women who love these shoes, here are the unfiltered words of five men who (mostly) don't:

Boyfriend: Looks like this designer is doing their part to be environmentally friendly by cutting down on materials needed to make a piece of crap.

Brother, age 22: I would feel confident in them.
Me: So, quick follow-up question: Are you a drag queen?
Brother: Screw off! Pretending I'm wearing it helps me understand it.

Brother, age 19: Pro: More bird-friendly than its solid glass counterpart. Con: Ugly as fuck.

Brother, age 14: They look like a small glass framework of a mouse's house on scaffolding super-glued to a bad black shoe.

Father: There is no beauty that does not have some strangeness in the proportion.
Me: Does that mean you like them?
Father: No.


Nancy said...

That's the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Oh how I love your blog :)

tricia of said...

i think everyone has the right to rock and like (or dislike) whatever they like. and i'll defend that right to the death.

that said...

damn those are hideous.

Kim said...

Oh lady; you just made my morning with your Deadliest Catch party!
If I HAD to pick a favorite, and that is a very difficult endeavor, I think I'd have to go with Jonathan and his crew, even though my heart is breaking for Phil right now. But I also love the Hansen brothers and now I'm also worried about Keith from the Wizard. Either way, that was not a happy start to the season the other night! Had I been at your party, everyone would've laughed at me for crying when the boat left without Phil!

Katy said...

Lawlz! I would like them a lot more if the platform/heel wasn't that ugly color.

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed to have an abundance of hilarious men in your life, Winona. Gawd, these posts crack me up every time.

Diana said...

I am gonna have to agree with the men on this one!

TheSundayBest said... satisfying.

Jessica Simpson - Cutting down on the materials to make a piece of crap since 1996.

Poochie said...

They better than Blackwell with out all the dumb rhyming.

WendyB said...

I like all my accessories to be bird-friendly.

Sarah Yvonne said...

Enviro-friendly for the secret drag queen in you-> just what Jessica Simpson was thinking!

Great men in your life. Haha

L said...

hahaha your brothers, well all of the men, are HILARIOUS!!! especially the youngest. mouse house... nice.

April said...

ahahahah hilariousss.

Vanessa said...

Your youngest brother always comes up with such great responses!

BirdsandCherries said...

Soooooo funny!!!

Siru said...

I love these!

juliet xxx

TheCautionaryWhale said...

Your little brother is my new best friend. And those shoes are hideous.

AandV. said...

hahahah your family/boyfriend are awesome (:

(so are you now, don't lets get jealous, mommy loves you all the same)

(holy shit that was weird where did that come from?)

Bekah said...

ugly as fuck hahahahahah
I love the five men so much
your dad's answer sounds so deep, too haha

Kitty said...

This is a great idea! Personally, these are SO not me, but I understand the attraction.

joy refurbished said...

Ok- so funny. I love that your dad tried to be so diplomatic at first.

Leah said...

Your 5 Men are funny, especially your 22 yr. old bro & your dad.

Vanessa said...

Those are the shoe version of everything I hate about Jessica Simpson. Yucko.

shoegazer fashion said...

i like them ... but they look like they would collapse! Jessica Simpson is no engineering magician, so I would not trust these on my feet.

Anonymous said...

not gonna lie, mouse house glued to an ugly black shoe is exactly what I thought of first too

Viki said...

Winona, I am so glad that you are providing a forum for your Dad's wit. Someday you can collect it all and publish a "Wit and Wisdom of Don" book, please.

LJ said...

heheheeeh so cute!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Kayla G said...

That is hilarious. I love these posts.

Just to let you know, I kind of used your idea for one of my own, it's basically the same, but I'm giving you full-credit. If you wish, take a look at it over at my blog. (:

xo. kayla l

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