Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find of the Week

Decided this will be a weekly feature--fun Etsy impulse buys for less than 10 bucks. Hope you enjoy the first installment!

I bought a giant blue and black plaid bow from this shop a few months ago, and while I have yet to wear it out of the house, there is rarely a moment at home when I'm not fiddling with it giddily or clipping it onto the top of my head or tying it around the neck of an old teddy bear whom I then address as Winston Churchill and engage in intense policy debates. (Working from home gets lonely, OK?) In short, this mega bow makes me mega happy.

If you wanted to do more normal things with your giant bow*, might I suggest threading it onto a necklace, making your own easy awesome headband, clipping it onto a simple cardigan, or sewing it onto a scarf, hat, or belt?

The possibilities are endless, and in these trying times, I think we could all use a big, happy bow. Or maybe ten. But I suppose that would defeat the whole saving money thing.

*I can't write the phrase "Giant Bow" without envisioning a movie version called Giant Beau which would presumably be a zany romantic comedy starring Andre the Giant, even though I'm pretty sure he's dead. Must go brainstorm plotlines with Winston!


elise said...

oh my god, you freakin' crack me up!!

L I L Y said...

lollollollol. I love bows and I am constantly trying to make one.


DaisyChain said...

You make me smile =) cute bow.

echidna girl said...

LHC wants the pink poodle one - thanks for the link!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm having flashbacks of 1986 when we used to hot glue those things to barrettes. You probably saw this look in old movies like Working Girl. What was was Joan Cusak's great line about the simple couture dress? "It needs some bows or somethin'" And then when she saw the price tag? "Six thousand dollahs!? It's not even lethah!" Priceless.

Catherine said...

Also, just fyi, this bow would look fabulous affixed to the collar of a little black pug--girl or boy.


Anonymous said...

What a fun new feature! Every gal could use a little bow-inspired fun in her life, if you ask me.

Vanessa said...

Laughing so hard at the Giant Beau idea. I'd totally watch that movie in theatres and even buy it when it went to DVD.

I second Sal-- love this new feature!

Lisa said...

Giant bows, giant beaus, and a teddy bear named Winston--this post just made me die of cuteness overload, Winona! Hehe I'm looking forward to more Etsy finds.

WendyB said...

We could use Winston Churchill nowadays. Even in bear form.

daddylikeyblog said...

Echidna Girl--
Oh my gosh, LHC would look ADORABLE in one of these! Although she would also look adorable in a trash bag poncho, which is quite impressive.

Hahaha I love that quote! Unfortunately I took a film class where I had to watch a grainy 80s movie called "Working Girls" that was about prostitutes, and so any mention of the actual pleasant, funny "Working Girl" movie is met with disturbing flashbacks of the prostitute one.

Eeeeeep that would be SO cute! And I don't think pugs are boner-killers, for the record.

Glad to have your support for Giant Beau! I'm working on securing funding from Miramax.

Rosie Unknown said...

Awesome! Rosie Want!

Megan (AusAnna) said...

your so funny, i flipping love the bow!
ive added you to me blogroll because your too spesh not too. hope we can exchange!

N/OutofFashion said...

- Your email won't work for me, so thought I would message here -

I'm Natalie from

Saw this and thought of you, turns out even supermodels are trying to hide...

Tricia said...

At least $6 can still buy some happiness - cheaper than the movies!

ambika said...

It's adorable and you have *got* to wear it out of the house.

Caroline said...

It's adorable.

chi said...


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