Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blogback Mountain: New Blogs, or Blogs That Are New To Me Edition

Sara Zucker writes a great fashion blog on Tumblr, and has just created a new daily outfit blog. Here's her reasoning behind it:

I’ve decided to document my daily outfits for a few different reasons. i think that this will give me added incentive to do the following: step outside of my comfort zone, make use of the contents of my closet, make new e-friends, and inspire curvier girls. the latter is the most important. i’ve noticed that there is a huge void in body type with the authors of outfit documentation blogs. trust me, i love looking at a lanky girl (i read vogue, don’t i?), they always seem to make clothes look great, but it isn’t realistic for me to attempt the same looks.

Hear, hear! I've been thinking of adding more outfit photos to my blog, but it's been so hot lately I've been living in grungy cutoffs and sweat-drenched tanktops. For now, I think I'll just soak up some inspiration from Sara.

I just discovered Between Laundry Days through Twitter. This girl kicks some major style ass. I mean, look at her:

She's even working that arm cast! I kind of want to start wearing one now.

The Glamourai is totally, well, glamorous. Check her out.

I've also been loving The Year of Living Thriftily, which is written by an super stylish gal who has committed to wearing nothing but secondhand clothing.

And read this.


couture said...

i'm BEGGING you to look at the forever 21 circus line. it should have just been called the chocha circus. SERIOUSLY. this is when we thank the lord for leggings.

C said...

Hey mah'dear, thanks so much for the shout-out!!! And you should totally invest in an arm cast...they're all the rage.

letters to B said...

i also just discovered between laundry days and was wondering aloud to my boyfirend (who couldn't care less if he tried) this morning why more bloggers don't talk about her. we're totally meant to be besties. let's have a cast making part?

Anonymous said...

Totally. How can you NOT love Clare.

s.i. michaels said...

Ooo, loving that Tumbler blog.

Jean said...

The Portland heat wave has actually benefited my wardrobe, because my apartment has no air conditioning and I must seek out the mall in order to not die on my days off. I picked up 3 bitchin' blouses and a pair of t-straps at Nordstrom yesterday. And yet I still want to wear the tank tops and nasty cutoffs all the time?

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