Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Five Men's Fashion First Impressions!

It's time again for Five Men's Fashion First Impressions, the ever-popular recurring feature in which I show an avant-garde piece of clothing or accessory to the five men in my life and record their snap judgments. Today, at the request of lovely reader Devora, I showed the men these skull purses:

And here's what they said:

Brother, age 14:
What is it? (Long pause) No, seriously, what is it?
A purse.
Brother, age 14: Ooohhhhh! I want one! Chrome finish, please.

Is this like a new goth trend? One of my coworkers would really like these, but she got fired for taking heroin and passing out at the meat slicer.

Brother, age 22: It looks like the skull is gasping for breath through a dry cleaning bag.

Brother, age 19: After 'Police Station,' these rank at the top of the list of Worst Places to Hide Human Skull from Police

Father: Yow! (Closely examining the photo) Well, they're only marginally good skulls to begin with, from an anatomical standpoint. They're self-consciously stupid, as far as I'm concerned.
Me: I kind of thought you might want one.
I already have a skull.
[Editor's note: He does. It's on a shelf in his office.]

Got a request for the Five Men? Email me! daddylikeyblog@gmail.com


Lesley said...

As usual, these guys CRACK ME UP!

Anonymous said...

I really like the new colors, but I like the five men more! Your boyfriend is hilarious btw.

Vanessa said...

Who the hell buys this junk? I like what your 19 year old brother says :-)

Claire said...

They got their heads screwed on!! It's the purple suedey one that creeps me out the most though.

I like the new colour scheme as well, change is good and refreshing!!

Tibz said...

Your father has a skull on a shelf in his office? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

This may be the funniest five men segment ever.

jillian said...

um love the colors. love the mens' impressions. way to go :)

WendyB said...

Everyone's skull should open like that -- it would make it so much easier to get a lobotomy.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't your dad know that you can never have too many skulls?

Anonymous said...

Those things are creepy :| Where would you use one? They look far too small to put anything but a bit of change in. Besides the fact that you'd make everyone within a 3metre radius think you were the next Ed Gein.

Your blog cracks me up :)

Jennifer Nicole said...

Your dad sounds absolutely awesome.

Poochie said...

Someday I will visit you and I want to come over for Sunday dinner so I can meet everyone.

PS, I liked the blue before more than this. Just me.

MizzJ said...

Your dad's comment is the best one ever. Who does need more than one skull on their shelf? :p

Brittney said...

I am seriously digging the new colour scheme, darlin! LOVE IT. Way to go white (or close to). Design decisions like that can be hard to make sometimes, but really, a little change is fun, no?

Oooh those purses are terrible, and I aggree with the "strangled in a dry cleaning bag" comment. I wouldn't even carry one of these purses ironically, and you're looking at the girl who has a chinese food box purse!

Anonymous said...

Remember that part of Men in Black where the guy pulls back the skin on his face? That's what those look like.

Also I would totally use the purple velvet one as a candy dish.

ArkieStyle said...

Next time, instead of using your usual 5 guys (their answers are brilliant, don't get me wrong) what if you walked into the nearest Burger King and asked 5 dudes there? "Uuuuhhhh."

daddylikeyblog said...

Apparently he doesn't, but I'll let him know.

You have an open invitation!

Anytime a question begins with "Remember that part in Men In Black?" my answer is "Yes."

Oh. my. god. I seriously might have to try that. Then maybe I could contrast them with my men's answers? TEN MEN!

Rosie Unknown said...

All joking aside, I would actually carry it, in any colour, although probably black.

GLC said...

They are gothy as hell and I like that. Unfortunately, the link shows that they are pretty small. Smaller than most clutches it looks like. What the hell. If you're going to have a skull strapped to your wrist, go life sized.

Katy said...

I love your dads reaction.

Georgia Hardstark said...

The men in your life are hilarious! Nice to meet you! Thanks for the comment! I use too many exclamation marks sometimes!!!

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