Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pretty Dress Filler

Today I'm taking a road trip to the Enchanted Forest, which is sort of like Disneyland if Disneyland were approximately 50 times smaller, situated in a dense Oregon forest, and included a 25-foot play structure shaped like a witch head. Jealous yet?

I didn't want you to have to look at the bejeweled beef jerky panties while I was gone, though, so check out this pretty dress instead:

Ooooh, pretty!

Have a great day, lovelies! I'll be back tomorrow!

Floral Shop Dress, $69.99, modcloth.com


daddylikeyblog said...

haha thanks for sparing us the jerky undies! :)

Anonymous said...

SO jealous. Shove your arm up a witch nostril for me!

kristine said...

My FAVORITE place to go as a kid--so jealous! Make sure to ride the bobsleds and watch the water-lights show!

Anonymous said...

I drive past this on my way to Eugene every other weekend and have such an urge to go. Let me know if it's worth the trip!

Lisa said...

I can just see Martin shaking his head at the non-edible nature of this dress.

Anonymous said...

We had an amusement park in Maryland called Ellicott City back in the day. It closed down in the late 80s, I still miss it. There's a scene in John Water's Cry Baby that takes place there. Oh well, the Oregon one looks fun (and open)!

Anonymous said...

Arg, should have read "called The Enchanted Forest in Ellicott City."

Sweet Spectre said...

Oh I have the cream version of this dress! Love it.

anne said...

I love Enchanted Forest! Used to go there when I was a kid (and lived in Oregon). Now excuse me, I need to smile wistfully and remember the singing fountains, and the crooked house, and all the Alice and Wonderland stuff.

Lindsay said...

Oh wow! I haven't been there in ages!

I tried going all the way down and out the bunny hole but I was scared of the dark and I kept thinking that I was going to get stuck..

Yea for childhood memories!

- Lindsay

WendyB said...

From now on, I'm only wearing dresses made out of meat.

Helen said...

I hope you have an 'enchanting' time...love the dress though

Christy said...

omg it's been so long since i've been there!! my favorite part was the blacklight dwarf cave!

ambika said...

I haven't been to the one in Tukwila since middle school. Love the pink headband.

frockandrollonline.com said...

Swoooooooooooon. Everything about that dress is PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

That is indeed pretty. Why-oh-why can I not wear pink? *sulksulksulk*

Darci Catherine said...

I love modcloth.com. I want to make more money for the sole purpose of buying 85% of their dresses. Oh, and renting an apartment with bigger closet space for said dresses. Did you see the skirt in the same fabric?

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