Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!

Yes, it's time for another installment of Don't Show-cha Your Chocha, also known as Someone Give That Model a Damn Pair of Pants! (click here for a slightly better explanation). I've been getting so many fantastic reader emails lately (thanks and keep 'em coming!) that I'm thinking of making DSYC a weekly feature, so stay tuned, and don't fret if you haven't seen your submission yet--there's plenty more where these came from!

Reader Margaret starts things off with this find from--where else?--Shopbop:

Says Margaret: It's like they chopped the skirt off of a Victorian dress to make it more

The rascally Katy sent me an email titled, "You'll NEVER guess where I found this chocha," and as my mind raced with thoughts of risque Mennonite church services, I opened the attached photo to find this:

Katy's message: Shopbop, of course!

Skye submitted this photo of a very uncomfortable looking pose:

Sweet mother of Jesus, what happens when she has to walk up stairs?

From Michelle, via Urban Outfitters:

She says: They call this dress "The Harlem Stripe." I call it thank God she's wearing leggings.

I looooove this one from reader Rachel, who prefers the pose on the right:

Man, yeah, that's subtle.

I'm not known for my follow-through, so I'm guessing that if I were to attempt to knit a floor-length gown, the final product might end up looking like this:

But, as Amelia says: This dress is clearly a cry for help!

Check out this super dramatic chocha moment:

Says Nina: Um is that skirt turned the wrong way?

Taylor found this awesome, awesome chocha moment on the Forever 21 website:

She says: I don't know how they expect this girl to relax when she's sitting on some guy's lap with no pants on. She looks very worried.

Next 3 are from the lovely Lianna:

Again, we should probably thank God for leggings.

And finally, Caroline passed along this hilarious--if unconventional--submission:

Her explanation: So this isn't really a dress or a shirt that is too short and shows off the chocha area....but I just had to pass it on anyways because if you want people to see your chocha without actually showing your chocha, you can wear this shirt--with its helpful diagram!

Spotted a Don't Show-cha Your Chocha moment? Send it to me at!


Jessie said...

HILARIOUS! One of my favorite features for sure and Id love to see it once a week!

cat said...

lol these are always so fun

Shannon said...

Hurray for weekly chocha!

Now there is something I never thought I'd say online..

Anonymous said...

Walk up the stairs? What happens when she has to walk AT ALL? Yoiks.

Anonymous said...


Rosie Unknown said...

Once again, I am thankful that I was born with more good sense than desire to emulate advertisement campaigns.

hope505 said...

*hahaha!* Oh, thank you! DSYC never fails to make me giggle!
* = D


ahhh thank goodness for leggings right?

Dreampuff said...

Hm, not too scandalous this week. But I think that the ring framing the coacha last week made me numb.
Thank you Daddy Likey!

WendyB said...

Ha ha! I kind of love that knitted piece. Or maybe just the idea of your knitting a floor-length gown.

Amber Rhodes-Lapoint said...

The super dramatic one looks like Sarah Brightman...I think it's her! LOL crazy

Suzanne said...

wouuu thats funnyyy

Lianna said...

Soon the recession will take hold and the skirt length will plummet leaving no sight of the humble lady shpdoingle, and we will look back at these pictures and we will long for these special chocha revealing times.

Beatrix said...

I no show you my chocha! I never thought I would be thankful for leggings, but there you go. Never say never.

J said...

The Forever 21 pose is using the clutch to hide the cheek.

Katy said...

I love how the male model is turned away - "Please, I'm not in the mood for chocha." Um.

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

that crochet-tutu thing just looks like its been shrunk in the wash!

love this feature!

Sue said...

You are so, SO funny. Love these posts! said...

Sweet merciful crap, thank goodness I am not alone! I LOVE this post - after recent bouts of online shopping, I was pretty appalled when attempting to search for a frock that couldn't be mistaken for a t-shirt.. what's with this new trend? And who actually goes into public wearing such pieces?!

this one said...

these posts are always the highlight of my week!!

Anti-aging Reviews said...

I'm wondering how the guy could relax. He looks mighty uncomfortable. And that victorian-ish dress. The design is as garish as the color of that 'tights'.

Meg said...

oh my god you said rascally!!

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