Monday, February 12, 2007

A cyber cupcake makes everything better.

Dearest Daddy Likey Heads,
I've been sick all weekend and still feel much too crappy to even attempt humor (anything I write would probably come out like, "This purse is so cute! You could pair it with WHAT KIND OF VENGEFUL GOD CREATED HEADACHES?? WHYYY???" and see, that's not very funny). I'll probably get a post up later tonight and definitely by tomorrow. In the meantime, so you don't all revolt and never come back, here is a picture of a delicious cupcake for you!

Mmmmm! Just as good as the real thing, right? No? Damn.


p.s. Catie in Portland, send me an email at and I'll give you all the eyebrow info.


The Shopping Nerd said...

Hope you feel better! I likes cupcake!

The Glossy Ed. said...

Now you got me curious...what is the cryptic "eyebrow" info?? Do tell!

Anonymous said...

I luuuv cupcakes! Thanks! (especially nice, since this one is calorie free!)
Feel better!

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