Friday, February 16, 2007

Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I spent the time I normally spend blogging (approximately 1 am to 2 am) watching Steven Seagal's newest movie, and I was worried that my exhaustion combined with lingering fever and the effects of that film would lead me to write something that I would regret, like "Since I now know that an entire squadron of Navy Seals is completely useless compared to Steven Seagal's fighting skills, and that all Afghani women are secretly lesbians who just wanna get kinky with hot American army gals, and that if a sinister doctor is trying to wipe your memory all you have to do is bribe the nurse who is dressed in a nurse fetish costume to give you a knife and then stab the doctor in the head and say "I don't take kindly to having my memory wiped" and, well, maybe tapered jeans aren't so bad. IT'S SO HOT IN HERE."

And who wants to read something like that?

1 comment:

rachy said...

I can't wait to see this movie!

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